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World of Tanks: Complete your Collection!

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Football Cards and the Pitch

There are a total of 30 different cards in the game with various strengths; 12 defenders, 12 midfielders, and 6 strikers. There will be 10 cards of each Tier: Tier I tanks will be worth 3 points, Tier II—6 points, and Tier III—10 points. Once you collect your cards, they will automatically be placed in the corresponding slot. Each team will be made up of a four-four-two (4 defenders, 4 midfielders and 2 strikers) formation.

By upgrading your squad, your team can achieve various ratings and the rewards are based on this:

  • Level 1 Rewards: Rating of 30
  • Level 2 Rewards: Rating of 60
  • Level 3 Rewards: Rating of 100

As your team gets progressively better, of course, so do the prizes.

How the Pitch Works

When placing Cards in the team, they will be put in sequence. This means that to get a Tier II variant of a Card playing for you, you must already have bagged the Tier I version and the same for Tier III, requiring a Tier II variant.

But don’t worry: your team will be automatically made up of the highest tiered Cards you have, which means you won’t have to tinker with your team and ruin their tactical flow.

How to Collect Cards

With the event’s introduction, there are daily missions that will reward you with a set amount of cards to add to your collection.

It is not possible to have duplicates of the same Card. In the case of duplicate Cards, you will receive 30,000 Credits instead.


By playing through the mode and collecting cards, you will be rewarded duly.

The Grand Prize

For completing the entire collection, you will receive the ultimate prize: the Italian icon Gianluigi “Gigi” Buffon ready to take command with a unique voiceover and the Brothers in Arms and Sixth Sense perks!