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World of Tanks Common Test 1.1: Sneak Peak

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World of Tanks Common Test 1.1 is coming out today according to information from Russian blogs and a post in the official Europan forum.

Wargaming always gives a two-digit patch number when something new is big enough is about to be released, but could it be the Polish nation? Not really, when the Italian nation came out, the update was 1.0.1, so if it was just the Polish tanks we would be getting 1.0.3… So what else can it be?

Please welcome Personal Missions 2.0, also known as Personal Missions: Second Campaign, a somewhat secret Wargaming has been trying to keep in their vaults until it was time to be revealed.

We will have more information and details later today when the Common Test is released, but if you are curious about what vehicles you will be able to get, that’s an easy guess:

Tier VI British tank destroyer Excalibur

Tier VIII British medium tank Chimera

Tier X Soviet heavy tank Object 279 Early (renamed from Object 726)

Fewer tanks but maybe the Campaign will be different too. More details will emerge today with the release of Common Test 1.1, for now, we just have to wait and wonder what Wargaming has planned or us.

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Common Test 1.1: Sneak Peak

  1. Why was the Object 726 renamed to Object 279 Early? The two tanks are completely different vehicles, the 726 has nothing to do with the 279.

    It’s just to confuse people who don’t know that the two tanks are different and WG trying to win back some players saying look guys we have Object 279 in the game now…

  2. It’s the usual “no one understands” from Wargaming to be honest… Really don’t know why its called 279 Early lol

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