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World of Tanks – Clan Wars: Fifth Campaign – Steel Corrida


Hello everyone,

The Fifth Campaign has been announced and will put players on the race for a new Tier X Reward Tank, the Chinese Medium Tank 121B. Here’s how many you will be able to get on each server and when it starts:

RU Server

  • Top: 30,000 Players
  • Starts: 14 November

Asia Server

  • Top: No Information at the moment
  • Starts: No Information at the moment

EU Server

  • Top: 11,000 Players
  • Starts:  15 November

NA Server

  • Top: 5,000
  • Starts: 10 November

Campaign Stages

The Fifth Campaign will traditionally consist of three stages:

  1. Over all of Spain, the sky is clear. This stage will be played in Tier VI vehicles.
  2. ¡No pasarán! This stage will be played in Tier VIII vehicles.
  3. ¡A mí la legión! This stage will be played in Tier X vehicles.

Each clan is presented with various clan tasks and challenges. Each stage will be followed by a short break, so that clan members can gather their strength for the next stage. The playing area and Front size will be different during each Campaign stage.

Awards and Achievements

The grand prize for the Fifth Campaign special Tier X vehicles. Top players will be able to choose which tank they are awarded with.

Five Tier X vehicles are to be selected from; top players will be able to choose one of the following, provided they do not have the same vehicle in their Garages at the end of the Fifth Campaign:

  • Chinese medium tank 121B that will be awarded for the first time on the Global Map.
  • American medium tank ?95?6
  • Soviet medium tank Obj. 907
  • German heavy tank VK 72.01(K)
  • American medium tank ?60

Chinese 121B Pictures

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    1. If you get one, you will be able to select one of the 5 tanks available. But you need to be in a clan, fight clan wars and finish in the TOP.

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