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World of Tanks – Christmas Medals & Garage Customization

Hello everyone,

Three new medals for the upcoming Christmas event. According to the source, the more you share the better is your Holiday Level, meaning you will need to do something in order to get a medal and them repeat it (not sure) to get the next level. Medals are Bronze, Silver and Gold, and there will be “levels” you need to achieve in order to get them.


  • Bronze – Given to all players who reached Level II of the festive atmosphere
  • Silver – Given to all players who reached Level V of the festive atmosphere
  • Gold – Given to all players who reached Level X of the festive atmosphere

Also it’s mentioned that the higher your level, the more festive your garage will be and more customization options will become available. This means we might get the first interactive garage ever in World of Tanks

Full details will be revealed on December, 16.

Source: WOT Express

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  1. Customizable garage? Me likey. I hope they implement something similar for the standard (and premium) garage after the Christmas-themed garage goes away next year.

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