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World of Tanks Black Market: Special Deals Tomorrow?

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According to¬†WOT Express, the main source for leaks, seems to have come with some information about tomorrow’s, 10th February 2020, deals might be special and very limited in numbers.

Of course, you need to take this information with a truckload of salt, but they are usually very reliable with leaks. Be prepared, as according to the information the deals might be the afternoon, for EU, one.


Source: WOT Express

6 thoughts on “World of Tanks Black Market: Special Deals Tomorrow?

  1. Aaaand it’s an auction for Schwartzpanzer 58. Not much of a “special” deal if you ask me. Good thing it’s for silver and the starting bid is 3M.

  2. “Afternoon” when most normal adults work. Why not in the weekend instead of this bullshit. I’m a beta player and I sincerely start to hate WG more and more since the last few years. The amount of stupid decisions is mind-boggling.

    1. Again, might be a decent deal, or might be some other shit or might even be fake. Thats why I said to take it with a grain of salt. If you ask me, the whole Black Market should be done in a different way, one deal a day, Prime Time for everyone, so it would give chances to everyone to try and get a deal… Not this 5AM and 5PM or for example for me 4AM and 4Pm… I got no chances of getting anything tbf.

    2. I know it based on their timezone, but different regions could have different times, they could make deals different each day for each zone… but that’s to complicated and also adds to the chances of more people knowing about it and leaking information… what matters is the RU player base is happy.

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