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World of Tanks Black Market: First Deal

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Same time, same place, same rules… or is it? Well, it’s in the same place as before, in-game and a new tab shows up in the Store. From there you will be able to access the latest Black Market deal and the first one was the Swedish Tier VIII Premium Lansen C. The lucky who got there first were able to get it for 8,500,000 Credits

The deal went fast, just like the previous edition, a few thousand units were made available and were all gone before two minutes had passed in the timer! So, if you really want to grab something, make sure to be there on time! Oh, and remember the rules!

Rule Number 1. We set our meetings in your Garage ONLY!

Forget about official points of sale. We do all the deals in your Garage—here’s where you can find me.

Rule Number 2. First come, first served

The offered lots are changed twice a day at 17:00 CET and 05:00 CET. With each lot, you will find an indication of how many pieces of a particular offer are available. Some goods were carted off before you finally came upstairs? No hard feelings, mate, but this is not the Premium Shop.

Rule Number 3. Only Gold and Credits!

If the price is indicated in Credits, then Gold is not accepted, and vice versa.

Rule Number 4. We need to wrap this up in seven days

Time is of the essence, and we already have guards on our tail. We only have seven days for everything, so there’s no time to chat. It’s up to you to decide what to buy or not before they shut everything down.

Rule Number 5. We’re free to do whatever we want, whenever we like

We set the rules for this game. Not to your liking? I think you know the way out! We reserve the right to introduce new rules whenever we want, so you’d better stay tuned!

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  1. You guys sure ****ed the NA players that have a job. 1100 everyone is at work 2300 everyone is in bed because they have to work the next day. I’m sure the players on the Russian server didn’t have that problem.

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