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World of Tanks: Battle Pass Season 4 – A Duel of Tank Destroyers?

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World of Tanks Battle Pass Season 3 has come to an end, but Season 4 is already being prepared! We are yet to find the starting date, most probably only after Holiday Ops 2021 is over, mid-January, but we know what tanks you can expect to see.

During the Well-Deserved Rewards video, Wargaming showcased an image Battle Pass image with a tank destroyer icon, and the reason for that is that Season 4 will feature tank destroyers.

A new season means loads of new rewards, but also means three tanks and this time we will have the infamous Soviet Object 268 version 4 OR the British Badger! Either one of those two tank destroyers will be the first-ever to be featured in a Battle Pass!

The styles are already known, recently leaked with Update 1.11 Common Test, players will be able to get two new brand 3D styles for these vehicles if they manage to get to Level 45! Of course, more if you buy the improved Battle Pass, which in my opinion is quite worth the investment if you play enough World of Tanks!

Two strong tank destroyers make it to the Battle Pass, but will these styles be enough for the players? Let us know your opinion in the comment section!

*Article Updated on 13/12/2020 with new information.


7 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Battle Pass Season 4 – A Duel of Tank Destroyers?

  1. Nice content, skins are nice but it is the 3rd time we will have Russian blue prints, and the second time for English prints, I mean wargaming should introduce battle pass for other nations.

  2. YEY, more brit and russian tanks for the battle pass, like can we get some german tanks or french tanks in the battle pass, this is like the third battle pass to have russian tanks, and second for the brits, cmon WG…oh well.

  3. In all fairness, one of the ‘rules’ of battle pass has been featuring tier 10s that did not have a 3d style beforehand… Jgpz e100, Grille already had them. Now Maus and E100 both have them. Leo 1 and E50M technically also have them from Halloween event. That leaves GW and Flipwagen… 🙂 So I would not expect Germans to feature in BP at all. Sad, but true imo…

  4. guys atleast add a swedish skin already its already been 3 years since that line has been updated,let the players have something for it atleast just to revive it :c

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