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World of Tanks: Argentinian Premium Tank Incoming? – Updated

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Update #1 – 09:15 – 31/01/2018

Everyone seems to have been caught with surprise when the Sherman Repotenciado was announced to come on several blogs. A reliable source of mine, inside Wargaming, has come forward with some information about it and has confirmed it going to be introduced in the game, but not in February.

I was told the developers are busy with the release of Update 1.0 and with the update being a priority they couldn’t create and test the tank in time for the initial proposed date, due to this reason the tank has been postponed. So, the tank is confirmed to come to the game but on a later date not yet disclosed.

While the first leak of information sounded fake, it seems there was a bit of miscommunication on what is coming and when, but at least we now know that all the Sherman fans out there, and the Argentinian playerbase, will have an exclusive tank to look forward.

I’ll update the article with more information if such is leaked.

Could it be true, or will this only be a false hype for all the Argentinians that play World of Tanks? According to an insider source of our friend, Wargaming could be close to release the first ever Argentinian tank: Sherman Repotenciado.

For those who don’t know, Sherman Repotenciado were conversions of British Sherman VC and IC Hybrid to include a diesel engine and a new armament:  the 105 mm FTR L44/57 gun (an Argentine licensed copy of the CN-105-57 Gun used on the AMX-13).

The chassis and tracks were also slightly changed and the turret equipped with stowage baskets at the rear. Due to the size of the 105mm rounds, the crew was reduced to three man: Commander, Gunner, Driver.

What is more surprising about this leak, is the tank is coming to the NA/LATAM Region in February, more precisely from 15 to 26 of February. According to the insider, the tank will be very similar to the French Revalorisé, meaning it will most probably be Tier VIII and just a copy of the same vehicle already in the game.

There was no indication if this vehicle will be implemented with its own nation, similar to what we already have with the Polish tank Pudel, or if it will be part of another nation at all.

I’ve confirmed part of this information with my sources, but I’m still sceptical if the introduction of this vehicle is true or not. If it’s confirmed to be true, I bet all the Argentinians out there, and tank fans, will be delighted to have yet another Tier VIII Premium Sherman in the game.

*The article will be updated as soon as more information is known.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Argentinian Premium Tank Incoming? – Updated

  1. Yeah, Tier VIII all the time. If this gets introduced, its just a matter of time to get Nahuel introduced at Tier VI maybe 😀

  2. I highly doubt that this is true.

    No supertesting of the vehicle, no files in the 9.22 testserver, WG said two new nations this year (Italy and Poland)

  3. Poland has been introduced in the game more than 6 months ago, wasn’t that a “new” nation? I think when WG says “new nation” means a full tech tree, that won’t make it impossible for them to introduce new “single” tanks from Argentina for example. From what I know, this was quite a rushed decision, reason why the Sherman Recondicionado was picked up, they can just “copy & paste” with a new flag on top of it 😀

  4. Well it would have been nice if the Mutz would have been the start of a swiss Tech tree. At least Swiss Tanks were often Prototypes that were built and testet, Not only blueprints or napkin sketches….

  5. The date sounds correct because for the February overview for NA it say’s that a new Premium Vehicle will be released into the game from Feb. 15 – 26. But the chances of it being an Argentinean one, I kinda doubt because it doesn’t sound logical. Making a whole new nation for another premium tank sounds ok but not if it’s a Country which (to my knowledge) didn’t or hasn’t made a lot of tank designs. WG might bring back the Aufklarungs Panzer V. But I still doubt the Idea of an Argentinean Tank coming to the game, Although it would be really cool.

  6. I agree that it seems unlikely but WG are beginning to recognize communities other than RU, EU and NA. Australia, Latin America with new ‘mini’ servers to help access.
    They might be looking ahead to create new tech trees? One option would be a Latin American tech tree with designs from the likes of Argentina, Brazil? There should be enough ‘real’ tanks out there to make up at least one line.
    Something similar could be done with Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa in a British Commonwealth tech tree (there is a really good video by Osirish on youtube with a list of possible tanks)

    Even if it doesn’t happen, it is good to see them showing interest in other communities.

  7. Why so many wine about premium tanks and shermans? Dudes don,t like premium tanks don,t buy them…hate them? Kill them on random. You must rejoy whenever wg is introducing paper tanks like shermans in the game because you can pen them and make money. Would you be happier if they put tanks with more than 260 mm armor at tier 8 in the game?

  8. I already have the M4A1 Rev , which also has 105mm gun (and i believe it is the same with the Repotenciado ) so, why buy another one?

  9. Next they’ll put that 90mm X1A Stuart from Brazil in there too.

    I do like the Rev, but it’s really hampered without a good crew in it. I’m not sure that I’d want to grind up a new nation from 0 skills on a tank that plays like the Rev, but I guess we’ll see what happens. I’m always open to more Shermans.

  10. It wouldn’t come as a tank for an individual nation, no. I’m certain that if does turn out to be the Repotenciado, it’d be for a LATAM tech tree or something of the likes. The PADD line in WoWS released last year is plenty enough evidence that WG isn’t shy to the concept of bunching up different nations to release a tech tree. Particularly if they already have loads of models they can just reskin and re-release for that purpose (I’ve not checked the fanmade tech tree in years now, but off the top of my head, I’m certain that T1-6 would be, for the most part, reused ***ets).

    As an argie, I have to say that it is fairly disappointing to hear that it’s the Repotenciado the one that got picked, instead of the Nahuel, which would be far more interesting. However, it’s not surprising, since they practically have all the ***ets they need for it (gun is the one found in the Revalorisé, turret comes courtesy of the Firefly, and the hull, well, it’s not like they have a shortage of hulls to pick from their existing models). It is a fairly low-cost project, and I’m pretty sure that many argies will be willing buy it just because our national roundel is on the turret (yes I’m an argie). I don’t play WoT anymore, but even if that wasn’t the case, I can’t say that I’d be looking forward for this tank, mainly because of the nationality restriction, and because I’d much rather buy a tank we actually produced locally, than one which we just bought and then upgunned.

  11. Of course these guys to mount the muzzle brake incorrectly (90 degrees). You stay you Argentina JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA

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