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World of Tanks April Fools: Radpanzerhaubitze auf Sd.Kfz. 1337 (G)

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The combination of all features players been asking for: SPG, Wheels, Premium, Tier VIII! Please welcome this year World of Tanks April Fool: German Tier VIII Premium wheeled SPG: Radpanzerhaubitze auf Sonderkraftfahrzeug 1337 (G).

The Radpanzerhaubitze auf Sonderkraftfahrzeug 1337 (G) has everything you need, speed up to 70 km/h when using Rapid Driving mode, firepower better than some medium tanks with 690 damage with HE shells and deliver a 420 alpha punch with HEAT shells, you can switch between explosive damage from a distance or a proper punch with 240 mm penetration! Extraordinary gun elevation angles of 75° to send a gift right back home.

And that’s not all! Use the quick aim time, excellent accuracy, and fast-flying HEAT shells of your 5-clip auto-reloader! The Radpanzerhaubitze uses a similar loading system to the Soviet IS-3A, which means the first shell into an empty magazine loads faster than the last one.

Did you think there wasn’t more? You even get armour, with this amazing fake vehicle! The Radpanzerhaubitze has a turret that makes a lot of heavy tanks jealous, with 245/120/80 mm armour all around, it will take some punch to get this vehicle destroyed!

Now, of course, this vehicle is fake and not coming to the game, but if you want a chance to earn some giveaways deals, just head up to the official World of Tanks stream on Twitch and maybe you will be a lucky one to grab something nice!

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  1. oh, it’s ctually a sneek peak of the russian wheeled tanks!

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