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World of Tanks: April Fools’ Day Gag Revealed!

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World of Tanks Grand Battle Royale was indeed an April Fools day gag. Wargaming asked us Community Contributors to participate in this year event, by creating hype on social media so they could reveal it was just a prank today! Did it fool you?

No? Well, even if you didn’t believe that Grand Battle Royale was a real thing, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it!


  • Formats:
    • Solo: 40 players per battle
    • Platoons: 20 two-player Platoons
  • Vehicle classes: select light, medium and heavy tanks
  • Map: 3×3 km
  • Testing ground: Sandbox3

Technical Essentials

  • Client sizes: ~7 GB
  • Operating system: 32- and 64-bit Windows (no MacOS support)
  • Render: Improved Graphics

With Grand Battle Royale, Wargaming wanted to give you a fun surprise, while staying laser-focused on evolving the core game. That’s why they worked after hours to bring you this mode and it didn’t go through the usual optimization process. Please keep this in mind and don’t treat this as a final polished setup.

Playing it might prove to be a more unstable experience than usual and hardware requirements are little higher.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that the mode was designed for 64-bit OS and 32-bit OS might experience some instability after several battles, especially on Maximum and Ultra presets. If playing with Standard Graphics, you’ll be prompted to a preset with Improved Graphics upon installing the Sandbox client with Grand Battle Royale. Make sure your system has enough power to run the game with Improved Graphics before trying the fun mode.

Key Features

You call the shots

Grand Battle Royale is a one-vs-all mode with an option to team up in two-player Platoons. No random allies. No arty. Just you and your battle-hardened companions against the world.

Resupply on the go

You start with a limited ammo load and no Premium ammo. “But how do I resupply?” you ask. Keep an eye out for Standard and Premium ammo stashed all across the map. Collect, recharge, and keep rolling!

Explore the map to power up your vehicle

There are no in-Garage modifications for tanks. We disabled literally everything. It all changes though as you make your way around the map. Search for special power-ups as you roll, and discover new ways to wreak havoc using them.

Level up right in-battle

Available to you from the get-go are four Tier IX LTs. Choose any and roll out! As you battle, you can swap it for a Tier X light, medium or heavy tank. To do it, enter a marked zone on the map and hold there for 10 seconds. There’s no way of knowing what you’re getting until you each the marked zone. Decide whether to switch or not once you see what’s coming, but remember: if you do, you start with the default ammo load and 100% HP. As for the power-ups you’ve collected so far, they stay with you.

New visibility mechanic

Your view range in Grand Battle Royale is somewhat limited. You see well in the 120° range in front of the vehicle turret. Outside this range, your view range gets four times worse.

Little space for hiding

Although the map is 3×3 km, the active battle zone gets smaller and smaller as the game continues. There’s no time to look around and take in the sights—act fast or you’ll be left facing an enemy on a shrinking piece of land.

Take an aim to see who you’re facing

No matter how close your enemy might be, their health bar and icons won’t show unless you aim right at them. Even if you spotted them a while ago. Keep it in mind when you go hunting and look out for more new mechanics!

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: April Fools’ Day Gag Revealed!

  1. Well to be fair… most did believe it. As CC posted videos about it before April 1st. And when you post a joke before April fools? Well. Considering just about every game did jump on the band wagon. Why not WOT to.

  2. I have an iq of 4 and i still knew it was a joke

  3. all that time and effort they put in a gag that isn’t even that funny …. basically: the sandbox server is a joke …. thats the message i get from this

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