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World of Tanks – Anton Pankov Q&A Digest

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Hello everyone,

WOT Express had a Q&A session with Anton Pankov, I’ve gone through what I believe it’s the most important information and wrote a digest of it.

Source: WOT Express


  • Wargaming created a new department called ‘Player Happiness” that monitors how and why problems happen;
  • Trade-In was quite successful and will be introduced to the core game mechanics. Rental is mainly used in Asia and China, no other plans for now. (H: Rental is not the same one NA gets. Players can rent a premium to test);
  • Audio Department is currently working on new soundtracks and other new things;
  • Hangar interface is slowly being updated. Chat is a huge project itself, and will take some time. Bringing new emoji isn’t a priority;
  • New Year Crates were very successful. No plans to implement them on a permanent basis. Part of the crates functionality will appear in Ranked Battles;
  • Player numbers are seasonal, there was small loss of players but nothing Wargaming considers because of 9.18;
  • There are some activities currently going to return players, but main activities are aimed at target audience: long-time players;
  • New mobile functionalities, like chat and authentication are currently being tested;
  • There are plans to implement some mods into the client, Battle Assistant was one of them but needs to be refined;
  • Wargaming is currently working on Session Statistics;
  • Wargaming is aware and analyses the accounts black market, but says it’s a small percentage. Still they are analysing it because it’s against EULA to trade accounts;
  • Wargaming considers the Skorpion G to be performing normally and it will be back on sale;
  • No new nations are planned for 2017;
  • There are ideas to introduce Super-Heavy class and reclassify MAUS, Type 5 and other vehicles for balance proposes;
  • No plans to introduce a limit to light tanks;
  • Wargaming might introduce ‘Voice Activation’ for platoon communications if they have time to do it;
  • Wargaming is planning to reward all ‘old players’, like Alpha and Beta Testers;
  • Missions 2.0 is still under development and far from complete;
  • There will be another ban wave very soon;
  • There were no changes to physics recently.

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Anton Pankov Q&A Digest

  1. new nations are planned for 2017, yet in the previus Qand A theyy said no plans for italians this year. Then what a full tree of polish tanks that never existed nto even in blueprints or a tibetian td line?

  2. “No new nations are planned for 2017” – That’s what he said! Better yet, he said “Players shouldn’t expect new nations this year.” that’s what he said 😀

  3. im interested to know what the alpha and beta rewards are gonna be, i played way, waaaay back in the day myself…..

  4. Should be here soon, with new anti-cheat system. Mods most likely will be blocked to ones approved by WG.

  5. LOL

    “Wargaming created a new department called ‘Player Happiness” that monitors how and why problems happen;”


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