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World of Tanks – Ambush Mod: Another Cheat

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Hello everyone,

I know that making a post about this can lead some people to actually use this, but also it will make other players and maybe Wargaming aware of another mod that, in my opinion, it’s a cheat or illegal mod.

I present to you: Master Ambush, or Ambush Mod. This it’s a simple mod that shows you information that is not available normally to the players.

The official description says it’s a new mod that will calculate every bush between the player and the target and shows the player the exact camouflage value between the player and the target. This mod is a big advantage to any player using it, because it removes the necessity of learning camouflage mechanics, plus it makes easy for anyone using it to know when to fire without being spotted.

This mod has not been banned yet, but it’s NOT ADVISED to use it at all. This is clearly an illegal/cheat mod. For those of you who know me for previous posts I’ve made about cheats, I have no respect for players who rely on cheats to play a game and I hope Wargaming bans this mod and anyone using it.

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Ambush Mod: Another Cheat

  1. That’s not considered as a cheat since everyone can do it, that’s just an indicator, in a way saying that’s a cheat means that Sixth sense is a cheat aswell since it tells you that you’re spotted

  2. Nop. It’s giving you access to information that is not available like camouflage values and indicates if you are safe or not. WG mod policy stats that any mod that gives you an advantage over your enemy by directly or indirect information is illegal.

  3. To me it doesn’t feel like an illegal mod as it feels no different than sixth sense or even the new damage indicator that tells you which tank is shooting you when it isn’t spotted (that is a true cheat imo). Its just a tool for getting information to players. Can it be abused? Maybe but the player will always be the one that will choose to follow what the mod is saying. Just cause they can know on the fly which bushes are good to shoot through doesn’t mean everyone will learn good map sense and positions instantly with it.

  4. my brain gives me advantage in this game…should i delete my brain because i know how to use minimap….sidescrape better than other…hulldown better than other …and so on…????
    if i do more damage and kills can you say i`m a cheater?..because i know when to use premium ammo and when not?…if wargaming want no mods in this game i beliefve they will find a solution…but…illegal mods are a source of money…

  5. so many stupid responses, most of which show a horrendous lack of understanding of basic game mechanics.
    this mod is ridiculously illegal, and i hope anyone using it gets perma-banned right before they finish a huge Personal Mission

  6. The mod tells the player if he is going to spotted or not, behind a bush or not… It gives you real time calculations of camouflage values and view range of your enemy… How is that NOT cheating?

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