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World of Tanks: Alternative British Medium Branch Suggestion

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Could we have a second British Medium line, ending in the Chieftain Mk. 6?

When Wargaming announced the FV215B replacement with the Super Conqueror, a lot of players started asking: “What about the Chieftain Mk. 6?”. While the tank has been in the game files for a long time, it was never released and the only ones with access to it, are the Chinese players if they decide to buy it for a huge amount of cash.

CPb71q_UkAARYDb.jpg large

While in its current form is overpowered and it could be a toxic tank, one question always has been in my mind, was the Chieftain placed correctly as a Tier X Heavy Tank, or should it be a Medium Tank? The Main Battle Tank could fit into the Medium Tank role, and it would be an alternative to the Centurion Action X, and it wouldn’t be the first one to be reclassified, just look at the Leopard 1.

But, should it just branch from the current Tier IX Centurion? No, what I would like to see is the introduction of two other tanks, at Tier VIII and IX, that would end with the Chieftain at Tier X. The new line would branch out from the Comet at Tier VII, where they could either follow the Centurion Action X line or the Chieftain Mk. 6. The new line would be less armoured, but it would make it up with guns with good parameters.

Please note, values and parameters are just a suggestion and shouldn’t be considered final. Also be aware the introduction of these tanks are also a suggestion.

Tier VIII – Vickers MBT Mk. I

Vickers MBT Mk. 1

The Vickers MBT is a series of main battle tanks developed as a private venture by Vickers-Armstrongs for export. The design makes use of proven components such as the L7 gun of the Centurion, and the Leyland L60 multi-fuel engine, transmission and fire control system of the Chieftain. A large number of tanks were also built by India under licence as the Vijayanta.


Main Armament105 mm L7A2 with 44 rounds
Weight39 metric tons
PropulsionLeyland L60 Diesel 535 bhp
Top Speed
55 km/h
ArmourMaximum 80mm hull, turret front

Of course, some of the values could be unhistorical to balance the tank at Tier VIII and give the player a better experience. The tank would play a role of a light armoured Medium, that would use its good mobility to flank its adversaries and support its team. Playstyle could be very similar to the Comet at Tier VII.

Modules Suggestion

  • Main Armament
    • Stock: OQF 20-pdr Gun Type A Barrel
    • Top: 105 mm L7A1
  • Engine
    • Stock: Leyland L60 with 535 bhp
    • Top: Leyland L60 with 600 bhp

Suggested Characteristics (Full Research)

  • Armour
    • Hull: 80 / 40 / 30 mm
    • Turret: 80 / 80 / 40 mm
  • Mobility
    • Top Speed: 55 km/h
    • Reverse Speed: 15 km/h
    • Weight: 39,00 t
    • Weight Limit: 42,50 t
    • Engine Power: 600 (hp)
    • Power/Weight: 15.38 hp/t
    • Traverse: 45 deg/s
  • Armament (AP / P HESH / HESH)
    • Damage: 390 / 480 / 480
    • Penetration: 230 / 210 / 105
    • Rate of Fire: 4.89
    • Dispersion: 0.35
    • Aiming Time: 2.2
    • Damage per Minute: 1,907.1
  • Other
    • View Range: 400 m
    • Signal Range: 750m

Tier IX – FV4201

FV4201 mockup

FV4201 is an extremely early Chieftain prototype and would fit perfectly as a Tier IX. A natural successor to Vickers MBT Mk. I, that would enable players to keep the same play style as before.

FV4201 mockup

Again, some characteristics could be unhistorical so the tank could be balanced. More armoured than the Vickers MBT Mk. I, the FV4201 would play the same role but at the same time, prepare players for the Chieftain. While stock it would use the same Leyland L60 engine as the Vickers MBT Mk. I, but players would be able to unlock a different version of the Leyland L60 engine with 650 bhp, giving it a 13,00 power/weight ration, and a 50 km/h top speed. Because this was a prototype, weight should be less than the final version, and the stock gun would be the 105 mm L7A1, with the ability to upgrade to a 120 mm L11A5.


Main Armament120 mm L11A5 rifled gun
Weight55 metric tons
PropulsionLeyland L60 Multifuel 600 bhp
Top Speed
48 km/h
Armour85 mm Hull / 195 mm Turret

Modules Suggestion

  • Main Armament
    • Stock: 105 mm L7A1
    • Top: 120 mm L11A1
  • Engine
    • Stock: Leyland L60 with 600 bhp
    • Top: Leyland L60 with 650 bhp

Suggested Characteristics (Full Research)

  • Armour
    • Hull: 85 / 50.8 / 25.4 mm
    • Turret: 195 / 140 / 30 mm
  • Mobility
    • Top Speed: 50 km/h
    • Reverse Speed: 15 km/h
    • Weight: 50 t
    • Weight Limit: 55 t
    • Engine Power: 650 (hp)
    • Power/Weight: 13,00 hp/t
    • Traverse: 43 deg/s
  • Armament (APRC / APRC / HESH)

    • Damage: 400 / 400 / 515
    • Penetration: 257 / 310 / 140
    • Rate of Fire: 5.37
    • Dispersion: 0.34
    • Aiming Time: 2.3
    • Damage per Minute: 2,148
  • Other
    • View Range: 390 m
    • Signal Range: 780m

Tier X – Chieftain Mk. 6

CPb71q_UkAARYDb.jpg large

Needing no introduction, the line would end at the Chieftain Mk. 6. The tank needs to be rebalanced to fit a Medium role, for example, Rate of Fire should be decreased to 7,26 rounds per minute, giving it a 2,900 damage per minute, aiming time should increase to same values as suggested for the FV4201 and top speed should be increased to 48 or 50 km/h.

The tank would fit the same role as previous ones, but with a strong turret would also enable players to play hull down. The Chieftain Mk. 6 would almost become the British E-50 M, with good mobility, decent armour and a good punch, but at the same time, fragile if not played right.

Suggested Characteristics

  • Armour
    • Hull: 85 / 50.8 / 25.4 mm
    • Turret: 250 / 140 / 30 mm
  • Mobility
    • Top Speed: 50 km/h
    • Reverse Speed: 15 km/h
    • Weight: 55 t
    • Weight Limit: 60 t
    • Engine Power: 750 (hp)
    • Power/Weight: 13,63 hp/t
    • Traverse: 40 deg/s
  • Armament (APRC / APRC / HESH)
    • Damage: 400 / 400 / 515
    • Penetration: 270 / 310 / 140
    • Rate of Fire: 6.95
    • Dispersion: 0.34
    • Aiming Time: 2.2
    • Damage per Minute: 2,780
  • Other
    • View Range: 390 m
    • Signal Range: 780m

What do you think? Could the Chieftain be fitted in as a Medium tank in the game? Also, would you like these vehicles, or would you propose different ones? Let me know your opinion in the comments section.

Sources: Tanks Encyclopedia, FTR-news

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Alternative British Medium Branch Suggestion

  1. i think the Vickers would do with a bit more turret armour – maybe up to 120mm at the front, so you start getting used to poking ridges and having a chance of bouncing some shells, since even Tier 6 tanks can blast a shell past 80mm armour fairly easily.

    Also, whilst I will admit the Cheiftain is a tad powerful, its not as overpowered as you think DPM wise: the Ruski Mediums have pretty much all other tanks beaten in that department and have far more effective turrets than others. The Cheiftain with Rammer, Vents and BiA matches the T-62A for DPM (which was its intended target). The only thing that makes it more dangerous is the inclusion of the HESH round.

    The things they could nerf would be the soft stats of the gun – 1.32 aim time is incredibly powerful, drop the accuracy a touch since .28 is a freaking laser, and maybe increase the turret bloom values as well – you’ll have a tank that can trade with a Ruski Medium for damage, is designed for long range engagements (since up close its armour is virtually worthless)

    Tanks on the left are basic 100% crew, tanks on the right have 100% crew, BIA, Vents, Rammer, Vert. Stab and crew rations.

  2. Vicker MBT with top 105mm gun in tier 8 is just too unbalance
    imo i think the new brand starting from centurion mk1 is better
    centurion mk1 >>> vicker MBT/Chieftain 4201 prototype >>> Chieftain mk6

  3. Could possibly extend the Firefly line rather than from the Centurion. After all, the line is weird coz it leads to a TD.

  4. I’ve always personally though that the “pike-nose” prototype just doesn’t fit into the tech-tree, with it being the only pike-nose design and all. I would suggest this design as the tier 9:

    The hull design is visually different to that of the Chieftain but would fit into the tech tree much better. Given the historical armor the pike-nose design could be used as the long desired tier 8 premium heavy tank perhaps?

    We have the full list of stats for the pike-nose design here:

  5. Could be an interesting fit. As I said before, I don’t have access to a lot of data, so there could be a lot of other designs out there I don’t know. I like what you suggested there, could fit better than a pike nose design, and the pike nose could (with rebalance) fit at Tier VIII premium.

  6. yer that’s fair enough. I found these images while sifting through the internet for a few hours some time ago for my own suggested Chieftain line so I got excited when I saw this post and wanted to put them out there

    As for the pike nose, it shouldn’t need a whole lot of rebalance either. Armor wise it’s only really strong frontally when hull down:

    turret front: 120mm @ 30deg = 240mm effective
    UFP: 120mm @ 30deg = 240mm effective
    LFP: 75mm @ 45 deg = 106mm effective

    The gun is the only thing, in my opinion, that would be rebalanced to fit but it’s not specified what 120mm is used so that does give WG plenty of room to work

  7. because in its current form of stats, with rammer,vernts and pudding, it can get 3,645 DPM (3,809 with improved equipment) with 270pen on its standard ammo, 0.29 accuracy and when hull down using full gun depression you’re looking at over 360mm of effective turret armor on average with minimal weakspots…

  8. Yea… thats only 200 more DPM than the 215b… and less DPM than the new AMX30B, Obj. 430, STB-1 and the Obj. 907 (its on par with the T-62A) and its reliant on being hull down for its armor to be worth anything, because its hull is super weak (even its upper plate because many tanks are taller than it). Its nowhere near OP right now.

    In fact if it were to become a medium it should keep its DPM then… as it would be traditional medium tank DPM.

  9. but Charioteer is a TD, its not a medium
    if your suggestion become true (with the current setup), i think soft stats and HP of vicker MBT could be soooooo bad
    even worse than centurion 7/1

  10. That 105mm has a lot less pen than the 7/1 and very importantly why would it be ubalanced. It has no armour is okay-ish fast and there are tons of other tier 8 tanks hitting for 390 alpha, so what would be the issue?

  11. I agree with Avalon I don’t feel its very OP, like all they should maybe do is nerf the gun handling a bit, cause that is insanely good right now, but as said it is completely dependent on hull down and there are plenty of maps where you cant really fight hulldown very well.

  12. Like Richard taylors comment showing comparison between 62A and chieftain the difference is negligible possibly in favor of 62A even, cause the chief does have a pretty bad turret weakspot when you are not using gun depression

  13. Like all of them, but either the Vickers needs a gun buff/mobility or armour buff, the gun is nothing spectacular right now, the armour is garbage and it doesn’t have the mobility to avoid damage.
    As said disagree a bit on the OPness of the chief, but you know it would be good if the brits got a top tier for once that was actually good and made people want if for other reasons than the troll of the deathstar…

  14. I think it would be better idea if this was a light tank line which finishes with lightly armored medium(s) the same way French bt 25t line does/did. So, Crusader, which is a light that plays like a medium would lead to both light and medium lines. Medium line wouild stay as it is, and light line could/would finish with lightly armored meds above.

  15. Actually the whole British line needs a renovation.Take the Archer,Archilles and Challenger for example.All three of them has the the same top gun.I bought and sold my Challenger 5 times and in the end just gold to get through it.Tier 8 medium and heavy tanks both have got crap guns.With the premiums WG is introducing their guns is’nt effective anymore.So Id say yes to a new line of British tanks.Lets hope WG wakes up and improve the British line and give both the tier 8 medium and heavy the Challengers top gun.

  16. The vickers as suggested here doesn’t really fit into the current game I think. A 390 DMG gun with such good accuracy is usually what you would find on tier 9 and 10 tanks even though you made the reload quite slow. Compare it to the only other 390 DMG cannon on a tier 8 med (the alternative T-44 gun) and you’ll see why this is too much for a tier 8 medium. Also the 80mm frontal turret armor is pretty useless at tier 8 since it’s barely angled. it should at least be able to reliably block tier 6 and 7 guns it would encounter. Otherwise it looks like a cool tank to be in the game.

  17. The caern has an amazing gun, my favourite tier 8 gun if it wasn’t for the ROF, all they need to do is give it the old turret back and buff the ROF, by 15-20%, so you actually gain something in exchange for little armour and no alpha.

    On the meds the 20pdr is amazing if it wasn’t for the awfull gun handling, a 10% buff to dispersion will fix them pretty much, or a buff to the upper plate armour, cause even tier 6s can lol pen it now pretty much.

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