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World of Tanks – Advent Calendar 2016

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Hello everyone,

It’s almost that time of the year, where Wargaming tries to milk the cow even more… To be honest, I actually like the Advent Calendar idea and I’ve purchased decent bundles in previous years. Each day there will be a bundle available, each can contain tanks or other premium goods with a discount or bundled with other goods for a decent price. Expect as per usual, that some days will have bundles costing 99,99€ with an enormous amount of Gold and a rare tank like the BT-SV or not so rare anymore Pz II J. Let’s see if we get any other surprises this year.

A new website has been build for this event and each Region has it’s own URL:

There will be an additional code available for players during the event, each part will be revealed in a different day. Usually the last part is revealed in the last day and it could be the low Tier Premium tank WG usually gives away.