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World of Tanks 9.22 Supertest: New HD Tanks

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Update 9.22 will bring the last remaining HD tank: AMX 40. Le Quack wasn’t in HD now, but once the update hits the live server you will be able to fully enjoy this tank in HD.

AMX 40

Together with AMX 40, another vehicle will receive a new, more detailed, HD version: Tiger I. The tank will receive quite an exclusive personalization with a log and barbed wire.

Tiger I

Source: WOT Express

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks 9.22 Supertest: New HD Tanks

  1. Tiger I was in the very first wave of HD models. Back when WG did not do the models them self, or used current laser scanning tech etc. Or added any details to the tanks like recently. They have said for a long time that they want to go back and redo some of the early models they outsourced. So who knows. More might come later.

  2. personally think the new tiger I is a bit of junk overload. I would like the exhaust shield back on the one exhaust, looks strange without it or the missing side skirts. I hope this tiger doesn’t make it to the game or atleast make it a sort of optional skin(unless their going to do tank personalization with various amounts of extra stuff).

  3. Tiger 131 stays as it is since it was based on the actual Tiger 131 that is sitting on the museum

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