World of Tanks

World of Tanks 9.22 Common Test

World of Tanks 9.22 Common Test will open tomorrow at 2:00 PM CET. Wargaming is going to see how the new matchmaker version works and revise three branches of the Soviet Tech Tree: tank destroyers, medium and heavy tanks.

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  1. Awesome! Just researched all of the lines that are going to be updated! Can’t wait for the Object 705!

  2. “We removed SU-122-54 because it didnt fit the logic of the branch”
    “We added tank with 650 alpha gun.” in branch of rapid firing low alpha damage TDs… I think it is pretty logical

  3. I have the obj 263 in my garage and I have the su-122-54. What happens to them.
    Do I get the Obj 263 twice? (obj 263 tier X -> obj 263 tier IX + Obj 268 4 tier X & su-122-54 tier IX -> obj 263 tier IX)
    Do I get credit compensation for the su-122-54 due to having both in my garage currently?
    Or do I need to sell the SU-122-54 before the patch goes live?

    1. I suggest you sell the su-122-54 now, then you certainly will get the credits (right now), and a tier 9 for free 🙂

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