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World of Tanks 9.21: T28 Model & Armour Changes

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You might have seen him many times before in the battlefield, but when Update 9.21 comes out, you might not recognize it at all.

American tank destroyer T28 received a complete overall when converted into HD, it now looks like a prototype T95 with a different gun shield. Its armour schematics was also changed, together with the shape of the tank.

T28 HD Pictures

T28 Armour

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks 9.21: T28 Model & Armour Changes

  1. I really like the change. Feels a lot more solid compared to the old model. It will be able to bounce tier 9 and some toer 10 more reliably if its got the lower frontal plate hidden but will be easier to face hug the rear of it since the engine deck isnt at an extreme angle like the T95.

    Overall I’ve found I can be more agressive in the tank then previously and feels a lot more like the T95

  2. From what I remember this is based on a prototype mould… I could be wrong.

    Eitherway, it’s more historical then what we have.

    Although it’s still wrong to call it the T28

    If we’re talking unhistorical, the T28 Prototype is worse

  3. This one and the T95 are literally the most historical vehicles in the entire line, just so you know. T28 Prototype? T25 AT? T25/2? Those are more made up than some of the german and russian vehicles. Those are the ones that should “irk” you the most.
    I do realize the T28 and the T95 are one and the same vehicle, but there are two variants of it – the one with an extra pair of tracks (which we have ingame as T95) and one with just one pair of tracks (seen in the picture above), the difference being far less side armor for the latter, which is a gameplay distinction that justifies having two vehicles in the tech tree. Or, asking differently: Which slow, heavily armored american tank destroyer would you use to fill the gap if you wanted one of the two vehicles gone?

    Following that logic, you’d need to do the same with the Conqueror and the Super Conqueror. Both the same thing, one has just some riot shields mounted on it.

  4. “In the entire line” is stretching it a bit. Wolverine and Jackson were both m***-produced and used in the war.

  5. And here we have the myth which is the cause of my irk.

    There NEVER was a variant with one track. The T28 and the T95 are LITERALLY the same vehicle (partially like you said), but there were never plans to have it working on one track set. The mere fact WG decided to list it as two different tanks annoys me to no end. And yes, considering some fake tanks in the tech trees, it seems weird to have this as an annoyance, but hey, that’s how it is for me :P.

    As far as I can tell, the myth originates from pictures like this:

    This is however not the complete tank. The outer set of the tracks would be removed for transportation purposes. See pictures like this:

    The tank was also redesignated a few times, adding to the confusion. I was originally cl***ified as a heavy tank, then redesignated as GMC T95. After that it was renamed the super heavy tank T28, but it’s design never changed during this process.

  6. I know, there are tanks which would be much worse. It’s just the fact WG decided to list one and the same tank as two different tanks (the complete tank and the tank in transportation mode; i.e. without it’s outer set of tracks), which somehow triggers my annoyance.

    Not really sensible, I know, but it’s my personal thing :P.

  7. No, it triggers me as well. I’ve seen too many people not know that it’s the same tank because of misinformation from WoT. And WT having the T28 as the exact same without the outer tracks doesn’t help either.

    They should rename the “T28 Prototype” (turreted) to something else then rename the T28 to the “T28 Prototype” (casement) as well as the in-game description to better reflect this

  8. Well the T28 is really just a T95 without the second tracks on it historically. So it should look like a T95.

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