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World of Tanks 9.21: British Tank Destroyers Armour Changes #2

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Update 9.21 will bring armour further changes to British tank destroyers: AT 15 and Tortoise. Together with these armour changes, there will also be some rebalance to these vehicles.

Please note, these changes are from Supertest and might change before final release.

AT 15 – Tier VIII

AT 15 9.21
AT 15 – Armour 9.21 – Click at picture for more details.
  • Frontal upper hull armour changed from 127mm to 139.7mm
  • Frontal superstructure upper border armour changed from 228.6mm to 152.4mm
  • Frontal roof area changed from 76.2mm to 114.3mm
  • Machine gun copula changed from 127mm to a range in between 127 to 228.6mm.
  • Commander copula frontal armour changed from 127mm to 152.4mm

Tortoise – Tier IX

Tortoise 9.21
Tortoise – Armour 9.21 – Click image for more details.
  • Gun OQF32-pdr AT Gun reload time changed from 5s to 5.6s
  • Gun OQF32-pdr AT Gun damage changed from 250/250/330 to 280/280/370
  • Gun OQF32-pdr AT Gun penetration changed from 214/246/47 to 220/252/47
  • Frontal lower plate armour changed from 228.6 to 273.1mm
  • Frontal upper plate armour changed from 57.2mm to 101.6mm
  • Frontal superstructure lower right side changed from 152.4mm to 190.5mm
  • Frontal superstructure machine gun port changed from 228.6mm to 273.1mm
  • Frontal superstructure left side changed from 171.5mm to 215.9mm
  • Roof armour changed from 25.4mm to 57.2mm
  • Machine gun copula changed from 171.5mm to 273.1mm (171.5mm weakspot its still there, but on a much smaller area)
  • Commander copula armour changed from 127mm to 215.9mm

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks 9.21: British Tank Destroyers Armour Changes #2

  1. wow, unlike the other changes before (which were on the side of overkill), these actually look good. Keen to test how much more durable this will make the Tortoise

  2. I’m actually having loads of fun with the AT15 already, so I might not even sell it after researching/buying the Tortoise on my way to the Deathstar. I was originally planning to only keep the Tortoise.

    Loads of fun indeed… currently in around 60th place in the tier 8 british xp leaderboard in the march of nations event, in an AT15! Who would’ve thought, eh? xD

  3. Heh…load HEAT and poof. Armour means nothing still.

    Armour in this game will never be balanced or in many cases even effective as long as gold ammo exists.

    Imagine this buffed tortoise vs a t54.
    The tortoise and t54 are both at medium range and have some cover, most like game even.
    Without gold ammo the t54 stands 0 chance.
    With gold ammo he wins every time.

    Skill hehe.

  4. You couldn’t do this to these tanks while I was grinding through it?!?!

    On the tortoise, I think this is going to far though. I think a minor buff is needed, especially to the commanders hatch but this is a bit crazy. This is going to make this tank a beast.

    Power Creep anyone?

  5. Tortoise armor was pathetic and desperately needed a buff. This is actually one of WGs more reasonable buffs and needed the love.

    And this isn’t power creep, this is returning it to the role it had before other tanks power crept it… funny how that works

  6. Seem reasonable, the armour is overall improved but there are still weak spot, at least for same tier. The AT-7 and AT-8 is simply over buffed. There is no weak spot for a same tier to penetrate.

  7. So I went to to find out the armor angles on the Tortoise and put the effective armor values on the updated armor schematic that Harkonnen posted. Yeah, premium rounds will still be a pretty big issue for the Tortoise, but standard rounds on most vehicles that it will see can be blocked, especially is the Tortoise is angling/ using its gun depression.

    I’ve put the link to the image here;

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