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World of Tanks 9.20 Q&A

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Questions & Answers

You have tested the changes to British vehicles on the Supertest. Why weren’t the changes implemented in this update?

While we like to present you with early concepts and give you the opportunity to share your feedback, they are most of the time not finalised. When vehicle balance improvements hit the Supertest, they are normally at a very early stage.

Update 9.20 was supposed to make the climbs/boosts impossible on some maps, but the changes didn’t help. What is your official statement about the climbs/boosts? Are you going to continue making the changes to prevent players using the climbs/boosts?

If there are still zones that should not be accessible, please keep giving us detailed feedback in the forums. We are continuously analysing your feedback and our map statistics to get this issue under control.

What is the frequency of the Grand Battle compared to other gamemodes?

If you play with a Tier X vehicle, you have a 10% chance of getting matched into a Grand Battle. The chance of getting a Standard Battle is set to 60%, and the chance of playing in Encounter or Assault modes are 15% each. The numbers can differ when considerably fewer players are online.

Are you going to increase the ammunition some tanks can carry because of Grand Battles?

Right now it doesn’t seem like such a change is needed. Nevertheless, we will keep looking into the statistics; if we see that it affects the game too negatively, we will reconsider and find a solution for this issue.

Are Personal missions and Achievements available in Grand Battles mode?

You can complete Personal Missions in the mode and earn achievements. However, it will take a little more effort, as conditions for four of them are tailored to the new format.

  • Top Gun: Destroy at least 8 enemy vehicles in one battle (normally 6)
  • Radley-Walters’s Medal: Destroy 10 to 12 enemy vehicles in one battle (normally 8 or 9)
  • Pool’s Medal: Destroy 13 to 20 enemy vehicles in one battle (normally 10 to 13)
  • Raseiniai Heroes’ Medal: Destroy at least 21 enemy vehicles in one battle (normally 14 or 15)

Can you earn Marks of Excellence in Grand Battles mode?

Grand Battles won’t reward great performances with Marks of Excellence, unlike other Random Battle formats, because the potential damage one can do in this game mode is significantly higher. The requirements for Marks of Excellence would skyrocket, and players with Grand battles disabled wouldn’t stand a chance of getting into the top percentages.

When can we expect the next season of Ranked Battles?

The second Beta Season of Ranked Battles is going to start in the second half of September and will last for three weeks. More details are coming soon, stay tuned!

Do you plan on introducing an option to earn Bonds for lower tiers?

We plan to make Bonds way more accessible. In the future we are going to give you the possibility to earn Bonds through a wide range of in-game activities that are not restricted to certain game modes or limited to vehicle tiers. However, Bonds will remain a reward for players‘ performance, effort, and dedication.

Are you going to introduce more maps for Grand Battles?

For now we are looking forward to hearing your opinions about this mode, please join the forums and share your feedback. We will decide on future improvements and additions to Grand Battles, including new maps, based on your feedback.

Is it going to be possible to attain the Foch 155 in the future?

We are not planning to reintroduce the Foch 155 to the tech tree, so it’s rather unlikely it will return. However, all fans of the vehicle who had it in garage before Update 9.20 have kept it as a special vehicle.

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  1. I’m getting it all the time now, and if not GB then it’s MM with just Tier X. Tier VIII MM has improved a lot, but it still needs improvements.

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