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World of Tanks 9.20.1: New Personal Missions Camouflage Patterns

With Update 9.20.1, players who complete all 75 Personal Missions with honours* in a set, will now be rewarded with unique camouflage patterns.


Each tank will give players a set of three patterns: Summer, Winter and Desert, that can only be applied to the respective nation of each tank. All new patterns give a 2% camouflage bonus to both stationary and moving vehicle.

*Article updated with new information at 19:30 on September 21th 2017.
Source: WOT Express

Stug IV Camouflage Patterns for German Vechicles

Variation of ambush camouflage introduced in late Summer, early Autumn of 1944.


T28 Concept Camouflage Patterns for US Vehicles

Combination of two patterns: Coffee Stain and Chocolate Chip. Both were used by US Armed Forces, the first from 1992 to 2010 and the second from early 1980 to mid-1990.


T 55A Camouflage Patterns for German Vehicles

Modern Spotted camouflage pattern used by the Mechanized GRD Armed Forces, adopted in 1988.


Object 260 Camouflage Patterns for Soviet Vehicles

Consisting of irregular spot shapes of various shades, it was developed in the second half of the 20-is. Widely used by the Red Army.



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      1. What a bad idea. I got the obj. 260 over two years ago and now they’re telling me that I have to play arties AND get honours on those missions to get these camo’s. What is up with that? Camo being harder to obtain than the tank itself. No, just no.

  1. I have the T-55A but with the current system of completing four 15th missions with honors, so when these camos become available I’ll have the tank but not the camo because I haven’t completed the SPG missions?
    Just completed the 75 missions or completed with honors?

    1. You get the stug 4 ones, not the t28 ones.
      What I wonder though, are they single use? You can re-do personal missions right? if you do them twice do you also get the camo twice?

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