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World of Tanks 9.19 Supertest – New Currency: Bonds & Advanced Equipment

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Hello everyone,

More details from Supertest 9.19 and this time its all about the new currency: Bonds. You will only be able to get Bonds by playing Ranked Battles and they will allow players to buy new equipment/crew boosters that can be used on any battle (Random, Skirmish, Clan Wars, Ranked). I’m still digesting all this information and I don’t have an opinion about it, but I can see how a lot of players will start raging about it.

According to Russian Sources, the Supertest Forum is already on the rumble with players against this and how it creates a bigger gap between good players and bad players… I have to wait for more information and to test this to form an opinion.

Source: WOT Express




New currency rewarded for playing ranked battles. Players will be receive Bonds at the end of each Session. Bonds can’t be bought or obtained in any other way. Bonds will be displayed next your gold and credits in the garage.

Advanced Equipment

New boost that that increases crew performance or tank performance by boosting the parameters mounted equipment on a tank. Can only be bought with Bonds.

Pre-Battle Orders

A new slot will be added to the equipment and supply area, this will be where you choose and mount Advanced Equipment. Only one can be mounted at a time, either a Crew Boost or Equipment Boost.

  • Equipment
    • This boost the effect of 1 piece of mounted equipment, and cannot be used if no compatible equipment is mounted.
  • Crew
    • Selecting this boost will allow you to improve the effect of 1 crew skill or perk.

This Advanced Equipment can be mounted on any tier or class and in any game mode.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks 9.19 Supertest – New Currency: Bonds & Advanced Equipment

  1. I think this sounds fun. Wargaming has been lacking end game content for a long time. I am excited.

  2. I love it. All the little children can keep playing random and the men can move up to ranked battles.

  3. Man this is something beyond me… Forced rank battle? I didn’t choose this game for this s**t..

  4. Yep, you will be forced to play it and if you are bad then you will be playing against people who are not only better players but have better equipment. Much fun WG.

    Rubicon II

  5. Rubikon meets T22-fail … and then Victor says they’ve learned from their mistakes.

  6. Actually more like the other way around; the young’uns in the competitive clans will just have to have this stuff whereas those of us who are middle-aged folks with lives are thinking what now! I haven’t forgotten how Clanwars 2.0 and the grind for “industrial resource” broke a lot of competitive clans on the NA server.

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