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World of Tanks 9.19 Official HD Renders

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Hello everyone,

Official HD Renders for all tanks that will receive an HD model on the next patch.

Renault UE 57



Vickers Mk. E Type B


Renault FT AC

Renault FT 75 BS






15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks 9.19 Official HD Renders

  1. Is there an official statement from WG wrt not including crew members in the models?
    I understand it poses an issue modelling movement of limbs etc, but with these HD models it starts to feel a bit weird with the ghost crews.

  2. Any news on Batchat 25t HD model? I was expecting that to be released before the grand finals. It’s quite ridiculous that one of the most used tanks in competitive and pub matches is not in HD while we get all these useless tanks that only new players play (!!!).

  3. They do not model the crew as they would have to restrict the game to older audiances and kids would not be able to play anymore.

  4. No kids – even a better reason! 😉

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