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World of Tanks 9.19.1 Information

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Falathi from Wargaming Polish team, shared more information about the upcoming Update 9.19.1. The next update will focus on improving previously introduced features: changes in Matchmaking and Artillery.

  • Introduction of the first Polish tank into the game;
  • Changes to High Tier Chinese tanks;
  • New Training Mode;
  • New HD Tanks;
  • Tighter matchmaker criteria for vehicle types. Teams will be batter balanced for TDs, Light Tanks and SPG, by choosing vehicles of those classes based on their team place (If one team has a Light Tank as a Top Tier, enemy team will also get a Light Tank to match it);
  • Return of the ability to platoon with an SPG, but restricted to one per platoon;
  • New SPG aiming was improved and should now be more useful;
  • Damaged caused by stun will be now taken into account when calculating Mastery medal;
  • Changes to Gore Medal requirements and improved the SPG target marker interface.

Source: World of Tanks EU Forum

These are just some of the changes upcoming with Update 9.19.1, full Patch Notes should be shared soon, so keep tuned.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks 9.19.1 Information

  1. Just waiting for Meme_Machine’s racist rant on polish tanks

  2. Return of the ability to platoon with an SPG, but restricted to one per platoon;
    That’s the most important change IMO. One per platoon is perfect.

  3. Changes to high tier Chinese tanks, I wonder why. The meds aren’t great but the lights and heavys are probably the best.

  4. Here i am
    Who has summoned the master of all masters of all racists that is MEME MACHIEN?

  5. Why was arty discriminated? Doesn’t other tanks, as heavies for example, help each other? So why not forbid all platooning?

    Good that one arty will be allowed in a platoon, but the restriction should be totally removed.

  6. Where is the USSR tech tree change mentioned before ???

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