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World of Tanks 9.18 Third Common Test

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Hello everyone,

This has not been posted in the EU portal, so I had to translate it from the Russian one. Third iteration of testing has now started and with it some further changes to light tanks were made. Here’s what to expect:

General Fixes

  • Fixed problem with the reticle freezing after switching between Standard Mode and SPG Mode;
  • Fixed problem where the game would crash switching to fullscreen mode on a 4K monitor;
  • Fixed issued with display of minimap when aiming in SPG Mode;
  • Fixed gun position of Pz.Kpfw. I;
  • Fixed issue with camera freezing in the center of the map when switching to an enemy in spectator mode.

Tech Tree Changes

  • Added transition from M41 Bulldog to T54E1;
  • Added transition from HWK 12 to Leopard PT A;
  • Modified USSR Tech Tree structure.

Vehicle Changes

  • M41 Bulldog – 76mm auto-loading cannon clip size changed from 10 to 6;
  • WZ-132-1 – 105mm gun ammunition increased from 32 to 36 shells;
  • T-100 LT  – 100mm gun ammunition increased from 33 to 38 shells;
  • XM551 Sheridan – 105mm gun ammunition increased from 32 to 37 shells;
  • XM551 Sheridan – 152mm gun ammunition increased from 25 to 28 shells;
  • AXM 13 90 – 90mm gun ammunition increased from 36 to 40 shells;
  • AXM 13 105 – 105mm gun ammunition increased from 24 to 30 shells;

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks 9.18 Third Common Test

  1. Thank goodness for the tech tree modification. Now I can continue playing the T-54 ltwt so I can get to the T-54.

  2. So not only does the Bulldog go up a tier, they completely destroy the autoloader option on it, heh. Claiming it’s because of the change in matchmaker.. but nothing will really change it for. It’ll still meet up to tier 10. The T71’s is superior now, and it’s still tier 7.

  3. What a joke. As if this fixes the light tank issues. They need either their damage per shot back or their view range back. One of the two, not both gone, not both present, but as it is it’s just a bad joke.

  4. The problem is, that the Bulldog will be able to be top tier, which before rarely happened. Being able to destroy any tier 6, 7 and even some tier 8s in one clip is stupid, given it’s a light tank (and they clearly want to change light tanks to be more of a supportive role, not a fast medium.)

  5. I can see the issue in it’s current gun while being top tier, yes.
    But completely destroying the gun, isn’t the best option here…
    They didn’t bother to change the reload time.. I hope that’s just a small mistake on the test server.
    And even so – the gun should at least be similar to the tier 7 option. But it’s not. It’s much worse. 🙂 Ah well.

  6. *Why does WG have this idea that light tanks MUST be made worse than medium tanks? *Why should one cl*** be made clearly and
    deliberately worse than another?
    *Can’t they be equally good but in slightly
    different ways?

    Why do light tanks have:

    Much Worse-

    *Accuracy – lt100 has accuracy of tier 5-7
    Russian hts lol 0.46. best is only 0.36
    *Dpm – t62a has 1000 dpm more than lt100
    *Alpha for same calibre guns 105 – 390 v 360
    *HP ~ 25-33%
    *Penetration 20-30mm on same calibre
    * terribly LOW ammo counts ~25-30
    *While only having barely better camo, top
    speed and view range after the nerfs..

    *The only thing you get is acceleration to your

    *In these corridor meta maps mobility is nice
    but it doesn’t compensate for all the bad stuff

    *extra view range isn’t that important tier 10
    meds and his have more then enough.. 400m

    *In pub matches these lt tanks will not
    compete with tier 10 meds in any way in the
    hands of normal players.

  7. I think player are missing the point. WG did say they didn’t want LT to be better neither the same as MT. they are not supposed to compete. Also if LT would be identical to MT what would be the point of driving a MT if LT has superior camo ratings?

  8. What a joke.
    Before the 2nd test nerf to lights they were actually balanced.

    They had worse (generally across the tiers compared to meds) :

    They made up for it by having :
    View range

    They were very well balanced and still worse than mediums for most maps and situations. But no…everyone wants to whine.
    What people need to understand is that the lights don’t stop at tier 8 now. These are tier 10 tanks and they need to be competitive with tier 10 tanks.

    Also the argument that they are just mediums is complete false. The meds have way more survivability and firepower. See list above.
    Also in that same argument you could say well heavies are just mediums too, more HP, armour and alpha but worse mobility and DPM.
    The entire situation is a stupid joke.

    Now they have the same or even less view range of equal tier meds and even heavies.
    The guns are literally worthless at their tiers.
    They have no armour or HP to be able to get stuck in.
    They don’t have accuracy or penetration to support.
    They don’t have alpha to trade or DPM to fight.

    The only thing they have is the mobility and camo.
    And even the camo isn’t that much better than mediums of their tier in most cases.

  9. You’re right.
    But I don’t think they should’ve nerfed light tanks’ view range. It’s their firepower that needs nerfing.
    Lighter vehicles mount smaller guns.

  10. The best scout in the game is still batchat 25 t so tier 10 lights useless. I want my crews of my tier 8 lights to be trained for the new tier 8 lights and not for the uselles tier 9 lights.

  11. Thank god they balanced the only pre-9.18 tier 9 light – the bulldog…
    Give the scouts some viewrange back and I’m fine…

  12. I also want a fully unlocked tier 9 medium to be slightly superior to a t10 light except for recon

  13. But they were never identical because light tanks always had worse armor, less DPM and HP. The only thing that make a light tank a scout is the view range, but now the have less view range than most of the mediums and heavies of the same tier. Only the high tier light tanks from U.S.A. and Germany have decent view range, but the lower tier lights tanks of all nations are worse.

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