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World of Tanks 9.18 – Possible Release Date

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Hello everyone,

World of Tanks Update 9.18 will be released first for the North America region, and only later to other regions. According to WOT Express, it’s because it’s a major update with a big impact in the game, and Wargaming doesn’t want to hit the bigger Russian and European Servers before they can make sure everything is working correctly.

These are the dates announced for the release of Update 9.18:

  • NA Region: 18 April 2017
  • Other Regions: 26/27 April 2017

Source: WOT Express

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks 9.18 – Possible Release Date

  1. Death of WoT coming first to NA server, unless they change

  2. Looks like they’re already worried about the reception it will get.
    Why release it then? Why not add the new MM seeing as everyone seems to agree it’s much better then what we have now, count lights one tier up (eg T8 gets counted as a T9 as currently) and send everything else back to sandbox for further testing.

  3. Because it doesn’t need any further test. When WG announced Tier X Medium and TD’s, “everyone” panicked and said it was a bad idea… Now it’s the same. I think players demand change, and when WG decides to do it, players are afraid of it. LT are much better with the new MM of +2/-2 and with the current balance… The general idea is that players are “against” it because a player who isn’t happy is more likely to express their opinion than the one who likes the changes.

  4. I completely agree. I’m looking forward to the changes. Though I’m a little worried about tX lights after that last micro-patch

  5. This ^
    Until the micro patch everyone seemed very excited by the patch (apart from my lovely vk2801 losing the Derp) but the latest light tank ‘changes’ have caused a lot of frustration and anger at the need for lights at all when a medium will do everything much better than a light now. Nerfing the view ranges to levels lower than equal or even tier lower mediums and heavies takes away the main reason to play a light over a medium.

  6. Exactly. This is shaping up to be awesome. I just don’t feel the need to reiterate my feelings in every thread in every forum.

  7. @Spuff

    But nobody’s forcing anyone to play lights!
    If you want your camo on the move, go for it. Else, go for mediums.

  8. What?! The vknis losing its derp?! Where can I learn more about this?

  9. I guess this dates were pure bull**** with the upcoming CT3 since today

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