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World of Tanks 9.18 CT – Swedish Strv 81 – Available to Preview in Game

Hello everyone,

As per usual when a new Common Test comes out, I’ve looked at what is new in the comparison tool and one vehicle showed up, the Tier VIII Swedish Premium Medium STRV 81. Could this mean this vehicle will be coming to the Premium Shop soon? We already know the Lorraine 40t will be available during April, so maybe we might get this one a bit later. Here’s a few pictures of it, if you want to check it your self, just use the comparison tool, select it and go to Preview.

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One comment

  1. I encountered one of these yesterday, in my AMX 13 90 on Pilsen.
    He had a nice hat.
    I wanted his hat.

    I got his hat.
    (We lost the match of course)

    It was being driven by a WG clan member.

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