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World of Tanks 9.18 – 13vs13 Battles Bug?

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Hello everyone,

Russian players have been reporting 13vs13 battles and it seems to be happening quite often. Wargaming is already investigating the issue as this wasn’t an intentional change.

FromKONI: How did it make sense to change the format of 15vs15, making it 13 vs 13 did it get anything with this?

unball: We are already looking into why 13vs13 battles are happening.

If you get any 13vs13 battles, please do let me know in the comments section, but this should be fixed quickly. I didn’t get any reports yet from EU or NA Servers that this is happening, so it could be an isolated issue for the Russian Server, but this isn’t confirmed yet.

Source: World of Tanks Russian Forum

Update #1

Thank you for everyone who replied here and on Facebook. It seems it happening on all Servers, and NA had the issue since 9.18 was released but it was overlooked because everyone thought it could be related to low population issues.

Turns out it’s not and it’s happening across all servers and tiers. I had confirmation from Ph3lan that Wargaming is looking into this issue, so we should have a fix soon.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks 9.18 – 13vs13 Battles Bug?

  1. eu1 6 battles 3 times 13 vs 13
    i have screen shoot if you want

  2. i got a few 13 vs 13 matches today after the patch (eu server), and also one battle was 14 vs 14 🙂

  3. At na server ive gost so far 10 or more battles with 13 players and I tought it was because of the low server population… seems like I was wrong..

  4. Yes on the NA server I have seen a number of 13 vs 13 battles here.

  5. I noticed QB getting into 13 v 13 match up when he played on the NA server as well.

  6. I had 3 or more more battles 13 Vs 13 today on EU. I remember that QB had at at least one on NA server when he played (one week ago)

  7. They can let it that way. It’s fun 🙂 I’m not bothered about 13 vs 13 🙂

  8. Also got into a 13vs13 battle and one 14vs14. Both were at tier 9.

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