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World of Tanks 9.17 Hidden Features

Hello everyone,

Seems Wargaming has some hidden features on the latest Update, by adding in a new levels and joints mechanic for their animated models like guns and chassis.

Source: Milky’s Mod Shop


  1. Actually, only the mechanic that allows those modifications to be made comes with patch 0.9.17, but those two applicatons of this new mechanics (the T26E4 pistons and T-45’s suspension arms) are both modifications made by Milkym4n and AFAIK they aren’t in patch 0.9.17 as such… Milkym4n just tested what could be possible from a modding/remodelling standpoint, and what new features we may expect from either the modding scene or even from the WG-made models from 0.9.17 onwards (as some Swedish vehicles are going to use this new mechanic)

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