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World of Tanks 9.17.1 – Type 5 and T110E5 Armour Changes

Hello everyone,

Couple of screen grabs showing armour changes upcoming on Update 9.17.1 for Type 5 and T110E5.

Source: WOT News

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  1. t110e5 is nerfed bad…on commander’s hatch normal ammo will pen regular and the turret ring armor was nefed from 275 to 75 mm…so this is how wg understand to increase the role of armor in the game…that’s the bullshit that they are throwing at us to justifie the increase distribution of shell in the target and reducing the penetration of shells from 50 m not from 100m.
    Greedy wg is ruinning the game for money…they could just increase the credit cost of premium shells to make moore money not to nerf tanks.

    1. The E5 needed a buff since it was changed to HD. Got an unintended buff on the commanders hatch and it was never fixed. Took them almost 1 year to fix it.

    2. That is not true i have looked it up on wotmodels and ring is the same as it was .

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