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World of Tanks 9.17.1 – Pictures & Information

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Hello everyone,

I will make a more in depth article about what is coming up on 9.17.1, but for now I decided to share a few screen grabs of some vehicles and other new stuff so you can have a preview.

Pz.Kpfw. VII

Wargaming has yet to release the official renders, so I’ve just took a few print screens so you can see how the new Tier X will look like. As you can notice, it will have the 128mm announced before and it will be easy to distinguish it from the VK 72.01 (K).

Panther I

It seems the information leaked by Nicholas Moran was correct, the Panther will now have side skirts.

Panther II

On the other hand, the Panther II will lose it’s side skirts.

M4A2E4 Sherman

For some strange the M4A2E4 Sherman is available on the American Tech Tree, and you can buy it for 1,500 Gold. Not sure if it will be available on the live server, most probably it won’t be. This tank was a reward tank for Beta Testers and it was never sold on the EU Server.

Battle Notifications

Battle Notifications will now have more information, if the player chooses to see it. Also you will now be able to have separate areas for damage done and damage received and the shell type that hit your tank.

More Premium Tanks Available on Tech Tree

As announced before, players will now be able to buy the Pz. 58 Mutz and the VK 45.03 with gold, straight from the tech tree.

Larger Picture


Strongholds will get a massive revamp and players will now have new personal reserves to earn. These reserves will be able to either give a big bonus for Clan Wars, Team Battles and Skirmishes, or a smaller bonus (still can be better than a normal reserve) for Random Battles. Also there were some changes on the design and how the Stronghold works, but I’ll go into further detail later.

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  1. The Beta Sherman has always been available on the test server as its basically a clone of the russian server, where they can buy it.

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