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World of Tanks 9.17.1 – More Premium Tanks Available on Tech Tree

Hello everyone,

Seems we might be getting some more Premium tanks available directly from the tech tree. According to Supertesters the Pz. 58 Mutz and the VK 45.03 will become available to players directly in game, meaning you will be able to get them using gold instead of purchasing from the Premium Shop.

Source: WOT Express VK

Please be aware I can’t confirm this information, meaning we will have to wait for the Public Test to see if this is accurate or not. If this is actually going to happen, it’s a big “well done Wargaming” from me, I’ve actually said it many times they should always make Premium Tanks available directly from the game so players can buy them using Gold.

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  1. Finally….

    This should have been done months ago. People who won gold are shit out of luck because the gold is worth zilch…

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