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World of Tanks – 9.17.1 – Details about German Tech Tree Changes

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Hello everyone,

World of Tanks Publishing Producer, Konstantin “Foton” Soldatov, published the following information on his VK page. If players have:

  • Researched the MAUS in the tech tree (either purchased or not), after the tech tree change the new Tier X has to be researched and bought.
  • Researched the MAUS , both new heavy tanks VK 100.01 P and Mäuschen will be unlocked.
  • VK 45.02 B with experience on it but Maus is not researched, nothing changes. Players will keep the experience and can research the new Tier X. The new MAUS line will be completely locked.

If you are currently grinding the MAUS, try to get it before the update is released so you can have the new line unlocked and you just need to keep grinding experience on the VK 45.02 B to unlock the VK 72.01.

Source: Foton64rus VK Page

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks – 9.17.1 – Details about German Tech Tree Changes

  1. Fake news :p

    I think this is a mistake by a newish WG employee who doesn’t know how it works.

    I would wait for the common test because it’s never happened this way before. I have holes all over my tech tree where they moved stuff around.

  2. Because why would they give you for free two researched tanks on Tier8 and 9? Usually it was so, that you would have to grind the Tier8 from Tiger P.

  3. Because players will have the Tier X already… Usually you have to grind the full line IF the Tier X is new, if its not, WG usually gives the new lower tiers unlocked. Same thing happened when Tier X arty was introduced I believe.

  4. When the IS-4 moved from the IS-7 line they didn’t give us the tier 8 and 9 researched.

  5. Yeah, true! But they now changed their minds, are giving us free grinding tanks!!! Stop whining 😛 (Joking) 😀
    Stop WhininG!

  6. I think that, if players have the VK 4502 B researched, they should get the new tier 8 heavy fully unlocked and the tier 9 with equivalent unlocked modules and experience accumulated. This way, people who are grinding the Maus don’t get frustrated that their progress would be completely lost and they’d have to roll back to tier 7 and grind the Tiger (P) until they unlock the VK 100.01 (P).

  7. If they got the VK already, maybe a “hard” before the update comes out would be the best thing to do. The update won’t come before the end of February most probably, so plenty of time to unlock the MAUS and keep the VK 45.02 B so they can grind the new VK 72.01…

  8. Boas Harkonen… Eh pah podes explicar isso em português? É que os dois primeiros pontos “researched the maus”, começam da mesma forma por isso não tou a compreender.
    Obrigado e continua o vom trabalho por aqui 😉

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