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World of Tanks 9.16 – Sound Improvements

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Hello everyone,

A few more sound improvements are going to be implemented in Update 9.16, here’s a list of what is coming.

Source: WOT Express


  • Battles in Tier VIII to X will not sound like Tier III or V with the have new gun sounds, extended from 3 to 5.
  • New sound system for magazine reloading system. Now players will hear as many shells as the magazine and a last shell in the magazine sound. Also an alert when the magazine is depleted and not enough ammo left.
  • Reworked the sound system for damage indicator. Now the amount of damage received will be more distinct (0-17%, 18-35%, 35%+)
  • New sound added to when the engine is broken. Now the engine will “rattle”, etc.
  • Added sound to when it’s impossible to fire the gun because it’s broken.
  • Damage to each individual module have been voiced.
  • Improved the sound feedback when the vehicle is moving: gear change, acceleration, change of direction, etc.
  • Reworked sound settings menu.
  • Added a new choice system for the “Sixth Sense” Perk. Players now can select between the in-game one, or a personal one. The personal one can use an MP3 file.
  • Added warning sounds to when the battle is about to end, “Killed the last enemy” and “The enemy base has been captured”.
  • Divided the tab “Interface and Notifications” with a tab for “Interface” and a tab for “Voice Notifications”
  • Divided the tab “Music” with a tab for “Music in Battle” and “Music in Garage”
  • A new “infinite” and non repeating musing for the premium garage
  • Reworked the option to reduce the sound quality (Low Quality). Now it is available to all players and the sound quality is better than ever before with the same performance metrics.