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World of Tanks – 9.16 – Concealment Issue

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Hello everyone,

Seems a micro-patch as been applied to across all servers, due to an issue with concealment. Some bushes on several maps weren’t giving the camouflage bonus they should.

The following was announced in the Wargaming Support Website:

Dear Commanders,

We would like to inform you that this morning we have deployed a server-side patch that fixed the issue with the vehicle concealment coefficient getting changed near bushes.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Good luck on the battlefield.

Your Customer Support Team

I’ve launched the game but even with the auto update function, nothing has been download. Maybe we should expect the update to be released tonight? Russian sources have confirmed it has been applied there, but no confirmation for the NA Server. Any of you on the NA Server got the update?

At least we know they have a fix for the problem, it’s just a matter of time to get it fixed.

Update #1

Confirmed to be a server-side update. Thanks for Nya-chan for the heads up also.

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