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World of Tanks 2019: Matchmaker Changes

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Matchmaker received major changes when Update 9.18 was released back in 2017, but the new changes brought new challenges to overcome. Wargaming always aimed to have a matchmaker who would get players int battles as fast as possible, but the introduction of templates some unexpected problems arise:

  • Players rarely get matched with vehicles of their tier and 1 or 2 tiers lower, and mostly they play with higher tier tanks. In other words, you often get to the bottom of the list. This is especially true for Tier VI and VIII vehicles.
  • Players with preferential Premium vehicles play most of their battles in the 5-10 template with higher tier tanks, and rarely get matched with vehicles of lower Tiers. As a result, this greatly smooths out the benefits of preferential matchmaking.

Current templates, 3-5-7 and 5-10 are very restrictive on what they can do so the solution can be to add more templates and make the matchmaker less restrictive.

What comes next?

Wargaming is currently in what we could call an evolution of the matchmaker that is more flexible and will bring a better game experience, at least in theory. The planned changes are:

  • Templates will become more flexible, depending on the current situation in the queue
  • In addition to the classic 3-5-7 and 5-10, new templates may appear in order to help sort the queue
  • For a two-tier battle, there may be 6-9 and 7-8
  • For a three-tier battle, there may be 4-5-6 and even 5-5-5.
  • Templates may also appear with a larger number of tanks in the top than in the bottom for two-tier battles. This mainly concerns the 8-7 template for two-tier battles.

Bringing in more templates to the overall formula might actually be a positive change, but will it be a final solution? With these changes, Wargaming is hoping to get players to be top of the lit more often but not always.

These changes are already being tweaked and tested, if Wargaming is satisfied with the outcome, an updated matchmaker should be launched on the main servers in all regions. Like other changes, feedback is the main key for it to be implemented so it’s important that you share your thoughts and concerns.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks 2019: Matchmaker Changes

  1. looks like your finding more ways to keep us the bottom tier in matches. your template last time was supposed to fix this but constantly being rolled out as bottom tiers in my 6,7,and 8’s. this is and your arty nerf is why I don’t play this game a lot any more.

  2. Perhaps a automatic balancer?

    Like: tank does win 40%? no matter of driver… Soooo. It gets “””prefer mm””” sometimes ubtil it reaches nearly 50%??

    Big Quotes for those crybabies.

    There are objectively bad tanks.
    There are also very strong ones.

    So a… Let’s say FOR EXAMPLE… Obj268 4… may get s sometimes treatment. Facing more worthy opponents.

    Given those tanks get rebalanced sometime… It will normalize automatically.

    Anyone knows the overwatch ranked system? Where Smurfs quickly end up in their “cl***” ? Why not make that for tanks!

    Kinda duh!

  3. PS. This will help to protect new players from sealclubseal a bit too …

    Perhaps even take (exceptional) players into account.
    Less tomato vs unicorn 15:0 in 3 minutes.

    There’s ranked… But rarely…
    And this system could try to stear with a slight modifier… Stear… Not force!

    Intelligent systems are s mudt these days.

  4. The changes are fine but they won’t actually fix anything until they switch the order of the templates regardless of how flexible they are. Currently 3 tier template is top priority followed by 2 tier then single if I am not mistaken. Even just switching the first 2 is loads better. 2 tier template is preferred followed by 3 tier and finally single tier. That in conjunction with the flexibility changes they describe would mean bottom tier in a 3 tier battle something that happens fairly regularly but not every game for 7-10 straight game stretches like it does now.

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