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World of Tanks – 100 Years of Tanks Mode

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Hello everyone,

Got a few more pictures of the upcoming new mode for World of Tanks. The new mode should be available in September, when the 100 Years of the Battle of Flers took place. If you never heard of this battle, the Battle of Flers-Coucelette took place between 15-22 of September 1916, was fought during the Battle of Somme in France and it was where tanks were used for the first time in history.

The map is based in the Battle of Somme.

Players will be able to play with the Lanchester AFV Armoured Car, there isn’t any confirmations if we will be able to play with World War I Tanks. It would be cool if we could.

Source: WOT Express

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  1. So much for the “if it’s not tracked, it’s never going to be in the game” declaration. I suppose that they could claim it’s a one-off exception because it would be too hard to make the Mk. IV cannon work right, but once they do it once they’ll be hounded to add armored cars and halftracks to the main game.

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