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World of Tanks 1.4 CT3 Patch Notes

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Main Changes

  • Frontline (with multiple changes) has been launched in the test mode:
    • Added changes to the player’s progression in the mode
    • Added a new reward system, including reward vehicles
    • Made balance changes to the map
    • Reworked the vehicle rental mechanics in the Frontline mode
  • Changes to the Store and Depot:
    • In the Depot, added a new section for unique styles that are not compatible with the player’s vehicles in the Garage. Particularly, it will contain the styles received from the large Holiday Ops boxes, if the appropriate vehicles are not available in the player’s Garage.
    • Added counters on the bundle tile that include several items: now players will be able to see how many Aid Kits (for example) a bundle contains.
  • Updated Voice Messages in Battle for the Commanders in the Japanese vehicles (both male and female, when the Commander option is selected).

Changes to Technical Characteristics of Vehicles


  • Added the Premium tank destroyer of Tier VIII for testing by Supertest players: the TS-5.


  • Removed the Boost functionality for wheeled vehicles.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed some technical issues.

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks 1.4 CT3 Patch Notes

  1. So they took away the only thing that made wheeled vehicles unique? Wtf? So what use do they have now if the speed was also nerfed?

  2. poor rocket cars, they nerfed speed from 105km/h to 95km/h, I dont even know what we are going to do now after they nerfed speed so hard….

  3. The only thing? apart from being wheeled, and going 95, and going backwards very fast.. yeh that’s the only thing! basterds!

  4. Yes but the mobility is literally the only advantage they have…look at the context.

    Everything else is utterly worthless trash about these vehicles.

    I’m sure they will be fun driving around but they are not competitive or balanced.

  5. WG should remove these rocket cars, not nerf them. In organized battles, they will be able to spot the entire enemy team within the first seconds of the battle, completely ruining any strategies. In random battles, they will be used for suicide scouting or to rush artillery within the first minute of the battle and even get away from there alive. And as if all this wasn’t enough, they make the physics look silly and it’s completely rediculous that they can accelerate faster than a sports car. These clown cars doesn’t belong in this game and should be removed.

  6. You mean not being able to turn without moving? A terrible gun? Atrocious view range? Yea they’re good vehicles alright.

  7. They are just 10-20km/h faster than normal lights plus they are quite big (it isnt hard to hit them). They are not going to hunt arty in the beginning and normal lights are by far superior.

  8. 10-20 kmph faster? The tier 10 goes at 95, the Rhm.Pzw. goes at 75. Two of the other tier 10 lights go at 65. No, they’re 20-30 kmph faster than lights.
    “They are not going to hunt arty”… LOL. I just did it on the test server multiple times and I even got out of the enemy base alive like 50% of the time. Tell me again that they’re not.
    These rediculous clown cars belong in Rocket League and not World of Tanks.

  9. There’s much more content in this game, i thing there is no need for wheeled vehicles as they’re extremely hard to balance. Once MM is ballanced and weakspots introduced back we can think about this. For me, in 1.4 biggest inovation is cpu utilization which will improve fps noticeably.
    Wheeled vehicles – scratch that from the board and give every tank 6th sense. That’s it for now. And finally remove 3-5-7 as most ******ed thing ever.

  10. Good less players with arty will play which is good because arty is like cancer

  11. Those vehicles seemed weak as they were. Their mobility was lacking heavily, speed was the only thing they had. Lol rip.

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