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World of Tanks 1.0: Things you need to do before the update!

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World of Tanks 1.0 update will be released tomorrow, 20th of March 2018 in the Russian Region servers. If everything goes as per usual, it will be released one day later in the European and Americas regions.

So don’t forget there are a few things might need to do before the update hits the live server. Make sure to:

  • Recruit all female crew members from Christmas event;
  • Select the tanks you want to have a discount from the Christmas event.

If you do not complete these before the update goes live, you will lose the crews and bonus. Don’t worry if you already have applied the bonus to the tanks, these will stay until you buy the tanks, so just pick the ones you want to buy and once you have enough credits, you can get them with a nice discount.

Excited about Update 1.0? What are you looking forward the most with Update 1.0?

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks 1.0: Things you need to do before the update!

  1. Looking forward to the game staying basically the same, with all its known issues and incredibly slow pace of development.

  2. honestly i am looking forward to the shock that will happen when people get a hold of the changes to the game be it map,sound,graphic,physics,lighting and the fact mittengard is removed.

  3. Here’s a few ideas:
    1) Restrict maps like mines to tanks under tier 7
    2) How about instead of removing maps so that there are less in rotation, you do a 2 to 1 replacement. For every map you pull, you replace with 2 maps that are sized appropriately.
    3) How about fixing MM so that you don’t end up with one team having 6 players with PR over 6k and the other team has 1 along with 4 players under 2500 PR. I have started keeping record of the results of my matches, along with screenshots of the teams make up. So far it is looking like over 75% of the matches are ending in lopsided wins/losses.

  4. I want the RNG to disapear.
    And MM to select teams by players skills.

  5. I bet you don’t really believe those words. But you wish you did…

  6. Never… But if that happens many of the purple players you see now will soon become orange and yellow…

  7. The new maps look great and many have been changed for the better. I looks like a LOT of work went into the HD maps and now they are released we can hope for more new or re-released older maps. I’m hoping for less corridors and choke points and a bit more room and cover for good LT play.
    Like to see what they are going to do with pref MM premiums. WG have done a lot of work on high tier tanks but would like to see some more work on mid tiers to make some of them more fun and encourage more tier 5-6 players.

    Just over a year and 5k games since I started playing, made ALL the mistakes- Rushing around tech trees, buying premiums, yolo one match, base camping the next and wasting time and money. I’m taking 1.0 as a new start for me.
    – Keep looking at the mini map
    – Decide on a couple of tech trees and work them properly (Chinese LT and Russian MT)
    – Look at the mini map
    – Don’t buy each premium as it comes up for sale
    – Look at the %$^&* mini map
    – Turn off battle chat

    Have fun

  8. No one cares about PR. It doesn’t prove anything and promotes a high battle count over other things that actually matter. It’s WN8 that’s the issue and the inability to hide your stats if you want. As a 2k WN8 player, I would like to hide my stats for once just so I’m not sniped out by everyone. You can do it in World of Warships, why not in tanks too? I don’t see the issue really. 😛

  9. Hi all.Id like to see the mm changed to a +1-1 but that’l never happen.Guys grinding with tier 6 tanks I feel sorry for them when they meet up against tier 8 tanks that have been buffed and dont stand a chance of penetrating them.What I would like WG is that when they remove the preferential mm on those tanks that they will consult us the owners and the players of those tanks to make them playable against higher tiers they want to put them up against and not just go ahead and do it and we have to be satisfied with what we get.How many FCM50T’s do you see on the battle field these days.They’ve become dust collecters and the same goes with most of the tier 8 premiums thats got pref mm.In the past I used to make 80K per battle with my JT 8.8 easily.Now Im lucky if I do 1500 damage per battle.I hope that Patch 1.0 is the beginning of WG going the right way

  10. Will they ever fix the Match Maker ? One tier higher or lower… cannot be that hard ???

  11. Mittengard? Aw man I liked that map. Reminded me of Detroit before it went downhill.

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