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World of Tanks 1.0: Fourth Common Test Patch Notes

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Fixed Issues

  • Fixed the issue related to the unexpected behaviour of the Close button in the vehicle preview window. Now, when clicking the Close button, the player goes back to the Garage.
  • Fixed the issue, when the Valentine II was displayed as the Valentine I tank in the Garage.
  • Fixed the issue, when the aiming circle elements did not respond to changing transparency.
  • At square C2 on the Glacier map, vehicles no longer can drive inside the ship that keeps them from driving out.
  • On the Nebelburg map, the collision model of a particular building now matches the real model.
  • Edited some names of the graphics settings in the game client.
  • Edited the penetration decals of HE shells.
  • Fixed the client crashes upon minimizing and maximizing it in WinXP.
  • Fixed the issue related to improperly displayed vehicle track textures.
  • Fixed the issue related to improperly displayed styles on enemy vehicles.
  • Now, Emblems are displayed properly.

Known Issues

  • The penetration marker is always red on some vehicles.
  • The fullscreen mode is not saved.
  • Issues related to texture details are observed on the Glacier map.
  • On the Ensk map, a chimney levitates after the structure is destroyed.
  • When the track effects are disabled, tesselation is displayed partially on the rollers.
  • Freezes in some cases when the player’s vehicle is destroyed.
  • FPS drop in the sniper mode when aiming through semi-transparent bushes.
  • Low performance at the Ultra settings during the first seconds after loading a map.
  • Performance drops in some cases when switching to the sniper mode.
  • Performance drops when objects are destroyed by the HAVOK technology.
  • When in the full-screen mode, the signal (game) frequency does not correspond to the screen refresh rate.
  • Sound gets muted in one of the channels.
  • Sometimes, the actual default state of the map border does not correspond to the map border default option.

Other Changes

  • Fixed a number of issues related to various map objects.
  • Only one server (WoT CT P1) will be available when this test stage is launched. The launch of the WoT CT P2 server will be announced separately.

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