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World of Tank – WGL GF Q&A Digest III – 29/05/2017

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Hello everyone,

More information from Developers Q&A during the WGL Grand Finals in Moscow.

Source: WOT Express

  • There are no plans to introduce bonus on daily login, Wargaming is working on something similar.
  • There will be no changes to one-tier Matchmaking tanks and their matchmaking won’t change either.
  • Type 59 might get a slight buff, depends on statistics.
  • Premium tanks won’t receive alternative guns.
  • Wargaming recognizes there are problems with mid tier tanks economy, it’s going to be analysed and fixed.
  • STB-1 will receive pneumatic suspension like the Swedish tanks.
  • FPS should be the same with the new graphics, compared to the old ones.
  • No further plans for more equipment slots, just the new one on Ranked Battles.
  • Currently there is no plans to change premium ammo mechanics, nor to introduce limits to the amount carried per battle.
  • An updated version of WG Rating is on the works, introducing indicators for each vehicle in game.
  • Murazor is currently working on buffing some Russian tanks: IS-7, KV-5 and IS-6. Others are planned too. (H: Like these tanks need buff…)
  • Wargaming wants Object 140 and T-62A to differ more gameplay wise from each other and they’re working on it.
  • Russian Server Ranked Season will start on July 5, and will last for a month. (H: Other Regions might start a day or two after.)
  • Wargaming recognizes Erlenberg isn’t a great map and might remove it.
  • Statistically, Premium Ammo only represents 5% of all ammunition used in game.
  • Bat.-Chat. 25t most likely will be transfered into HD in the last batch of tanks.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tank – WGL GF Q&A Digest III – 29/05/2017

  1. Well, Meds asides, I think the other Russian tanks really need a buff (Especially KV-5, and anyone who say otherwise can try to shoot an O-Ho with 167mm of pen and tell me how fun it is)

    Shame that they’re yet to change gold rounds, may be they want to see Blitz’s result before trying something similar ?

    Also, still nothing about the whole “P2W” tanks problem …

  2. “Murazor is currently working on buffing some Russian tanks: IS-7, Object 268, Object 140, T-62, KV-5 and IS-6. Others are planned too. (H: Like these tanks need buff…)”

    Other than the Object 140 and the T-62A, these tanks are really underperforming. IS-7 and Object 268 got one of the lowest winrates in Tier X.

  3. Hello,

    there is a slight mistranslation involved here. They actually said nothing really about buffing 140 and 62A. In fact they said that they want those two tanks to differ more gamplaywise from each other and that theyre woking on that.

  4. ….while they said explicitly IS6, KV5 and IS7 are meant to be buffed in the future.

  5. Is buffing the Type 59 also an error? I cant see how this makes sense, do they mean the T-34-3??

  6. I’m ok with buffing the Type 59. The reason why you rarely see one in battles nowadays was because of the nerfs they recieved. The tank is really bad atm.

  7. Poor T-44 doesnt seem like itll get any love yet, its gun is so low pen :/ even tho I never played it I feel its gonna suck

  8. well, i think they should do a new statistic for premium ammo: the damage / potential damage of the used premium ammo
    also dont use tanks(/guns) for this statistics that dont have any premium ammo
    and divide this statistic into tiers

  9. and the t54 mod1 uses the same gun with the same low pen as a premium… so it is a premium that forces you to shoot gold…. in a normal tank from tier 1 to 9 i dont think it is ok but i think it is bearable to be forced to shoot almost gold only…because you some day research the next tank and play this…. but you wont overcome a premium tank or a t10 tank….

  10. from the balancing on the latest premiums, i don’t trust at all this guy. I believe he should be moved to other position…

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