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Wheeled Vehicles Q&A on Wargaming FM

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Wheeled vehicles are coming to World of Tanks, that no one can deny it and this week Wargaming did a Q&A about wheeled vehicles on Wargaming FM. We finally see it revealed all the information we were looking for, where it will all start, what vehicles we will see and the confirmation Panhard EBR 75 FL 10 will be a Premium vehicle.

Answering questions are Product Manager Alexey “Inaki” Ilyin and Lead Balance Designer Yuriy “Yurko” Filipovskiy. Massive thanks to Bolnoj, long time reader and supporter, for translating this information so we could publish it.


  • The French wheeled vehicle line will start from Tier VI and will branch off AMX ELC bis. This is an official confirmation, so good job those who started to save up experience already.
  • The new branch will have five vehicles and one premium, already shown earlier. These vehicles won’t have a lot of HP.
  • Wheeled vehicles aren’t a class, they are still light tanks. The MM treats them like LTs, and puts them in battles like LTs. However, if there are two-wheeled vehicles in the queue, they should end up on opposite teams.
  • The first shown wheeled vehicle, Panhard EBR 75, will be a Tier VIII Premium. It’s pretty well-known and popular, and there will be 2 vehicles based on it in the line. It had lots of modifications as it was manufactured for a long time, there’s a choice in both turret and gun.
  • Tier VI – Four-wheeled Panhard 60. This one won’t have the special mechanic or the charge, only the lock-on. It is desired to be a seamless transition from regular light tanks.
  • Tier VII three-axes Hotchkiss EBR. The vehicle has a charge feature, but still no movement modes.
  • Tier VIII – The search for a candidate for T8 was a long one, but in the end, the chosen vehicle is AML Lynx with three-axes. It finally gets movement modes in addition to charge.
  • Tier IX – Panhard EBR 90 with eight wheels and a 90 mm gun.
  • Tier 10 – Panhard EBR 105, the only vehicle in the line that is somewhat non-historical. The vehicle did indeed not have the 105-mm gun, though there were plans of mounting it. Wargaming tried to preserve the historical and engineering accuracy that would’ve been the case if the gun was mounted. From the gameplay point of view, the objective is to give the player something interesting to play, not just a historical vehicle, which was the case with Kanonenjagdpanzer, something that really needed a 105 mm. There were a lot of discussions of what gun the T10 should have, and it wasn’t a one-day decision; 105 mm is significantly more competitive and appealing gameplay-wise. (H: I’ve asked some of my contacts and after looking for all sorts of information and a lot of talks with Saumur Museum, no one seems to have found any plans to mount a 105mm gun on the Panhard EBR).
  • Charge – rev up the engine and release the brakes for a sudden burst of movement. This will also damage the engine. However, when the engine is one-two charges away from turning damaged, you will receive a warning about it.
  • If one of your wheels is damaged, your movement won’t stop, but it will affect your characteristics – speed and manoeuvrability, plus whatever use the specific damaged wheel was.
  • Wheels that are responsible for steering will make it harder to control the vehicle when damaged.
  • Wheeled vehicles will be all-wheel drive as they are meant to be all-terrain.
  • Wheeled suspension is completely new physics, made from scratch.
  • The most uncomfortable part of these vehicles is turning in place. It’s simply not a thing. You’ll have to get used to it.
  • Lock-on works differently at different distances. Around an enemy tank far away there is a relatively small area that will let you lock on to the tank if you aim anywhere at it and right click. You won’t be able to lock on to a tank completely behind cover, it works similarly to spotting mechanics.
  • Researching the wheeled vehicle line will require a similar amount of experience to other LTs, nothing special here.
  • There are candidates for wheeled vehicles in other nations, possibly for each nation, even, but right now it’s only the French. Should see how well it goes first.
  • With the update releasing wheeled vehicles all map zones not intended for gameplay will be closed off completely. The mapmakers are too tired of removing various climbs individually, so there’ll be a feature preventing them for good.
  • First mass testing for everyone will be on CT the next year. Right now the testing is internal, aimed at quality. The risks are understood, and the players are heard.
  • The tank you lock on to will have a special marker above it. This is purely for convenience and doesn’t serve any other purpose.

15,466 thoughts on “Wheeled Vehicles Q&A on Wargaming FM

  1. I really want to see the quality of testing on supertest, when Obj. 268 v4 got trough it. Plus unhappy with the climb removal. It is unfair to new players, but it wasn’t an advantage. They were mostly unexpected, not overpowered. At least those that we have now. But I look forward to seeing French cars, something that has worse viewrange than tier 3 tanks 😉 .

  2. So next up on the list is multi turret support, next year it will happen

  3. They’re probably just claiming that there was interest/research into mounting the 105 on that tier 10 ch***is simply because of how it was done with the AMX 13 105 during later retrofits of the AMX 13 series of LTs. The wheeled vehicles basically use similar turrets and guns as their tracked counterparts so while its unhistorical its not that much of a stretch to say that it could work in real life.

  4. I hope that completely preventing climbs can allow them to make rocks less slippery and allow players to drop down from certain area’s easier.
    A big example of this is mines where its now almost impossible to drop off the hill without losing health, even tho this can be the only safe way off. This severely limits the flexibility of mobile tanks that commit to the hill at the start since they are stuck there for most of the game

  5. So tanks are supposed to drop 20-30 feet off a cliff and remain unharmed? I don’t think you know how heavy these vehicles are and the forces upon a human dropping 30 feet to the ground.

  6. The obvious point he’s trying to make is those slopes need to be smoother. You could easily have dropped down from the hill on Mines prior to 1.0, as there weren’t any rocks on the cliffsides. Mobile tanks used that as an advantage to spot the enemy approaching the hill for arty, then escape on the other side if the enemy had more forces approaching the hill. Now whoever goes to the hill, dies on the hill. It’s like that phrase with Las Vegas.

  7. Sandbox or CT? We seem to have a failure in translation as sites yesterday reported a sandbox test…

  8. Q&A that I was translating does say “CT”. Perhaps a Sandbox testing will happen beforehand, but the CT is what will be the m*** player testing. Should’ve probably mentioned that piece of context. 🙁

  9. Can we get a check on the AML Lynx being the tier 8? The AML Lynx doesnt have 3 axles…

  10. all of the maps got dumbed down gameplay wise in 1.0 which is a bad thing. They should remove the rocks in those areas that were safe earlier to provide smoother, more rewarding gameplay.
    As to “So tanks are supposed to drop 20-30 feet off a cliff and remain unharmed?” No, not drop but controllably drive down. The way these slopes were earlier it’s not such a stretch that they could be used as a way out from a certain defeat. Would be scary as balls though and you might throw a track.
    (plus WoT is an honest arcade game and not a bloody simulator)

  11. Well for any game developer you listen to the players but more often than not there is a lot of white noise so to speak.

    Truthfully if they just updated the physics, graphics, and kept the old MM while adding new content(tanks and maps) then the game would likely be in a much better state than it is now with players feeling less ignored. Currently they’re milking the game for all its worth as shown by the insane frequency of premiums being released. Overall its quite funny because all of WG’s other projects have fallen flat on their *** becoming failures or breaking even which makes WoT a shaky tentpole propping up their company.

  12. I think there is a lot of truth in the observation regarding “white noise”. I think there’s been so much of it that Wargaming decided at some point to ignore it altogether (while claiming the exact opposite, of course). I can’t think of any other explanation for total design fails such as the Object 268 4.

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