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WGLAPAC Profile: Team Efficiency

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If you would have asked most fans of the Wargaming Gold League to name a top team in APAC, most would know of El Gaming and their kinetic style of play. The team that had been undefeated over the past two seasons in their home region. But that streak came to an end this season at the hands of Team Efficiency not just once, but twice. A team that finished 2nd and locked in a place for the WGLAPAC Championship this weekend. Many fans might not have heard of TE before but, if you are a WGL fan, now is the time to learn more about this rising side who could have a major impact on this weekend’s event.


  • What year was your team founded? What was it that brought you all together? More importantly what has kept your core group together as Team Efficiency?

The team was founded back in 2012. There is only one original member left from the founding team and the remaining players have come in at various stages,

As with any team in a competitive environment, there are a lot of ups and downs, frustrations and highlights but through it all we’ve developed a strong comradery and mutual respect to get us through the thick and thin.

  • What do you see as your best moment as a team in the last few seasons?

The obvious Highlight for this season would be directly qualifying into this season’s Regional final with a good chance of getting through to the Grand finals in Moscow.

Also, previous season’s qualifier win against CT in overtime to make it through to the Regional finals was great moment for the team.

  • How much of a boost or validation was it when you defeated EL Gaming? Was the second win over them even more meaningful?

Beating EL Gaming was a massive validation for the team considering they had been undefeated for the past 2 seasons. To then back it up the following weekend in a game which should not even have gone to tiebreaker really proved to us that we can beat anyone in the APAC region.

  • The audience for the WGL seems to be opening up and more fans seem to be watching different regions as well as their own. What would be the way you would describe Team Efficiency to a fan who is new to you and has never seen you play?

To describe our team is kind of hard. You never know which TE will show up.

Play style wise is very fast and aggressive; we don’t like to be on the back foot in games and prefer to dictate the tempo. And even though we win a lot more then we lose you are almost guaranteed to see us throw rounds like no other team. This may or not be because of Beer.

  • Any message you would like to give to your fans?

Not much to say except for thank you very for your support in twitch chat.

It’s always awesome to back and re-watch our vods and see all the cheering alongside the “NotLikeThis” emotes. Hopefully we can do you all proud at the Regional finals and take you guys with us all the way to Moscow.


  • Lastly, if you had to pick one song that would capture the idea of who Team Efficiency are as a team, what would it be?

As much as I keep kicking the guys from TS Chicken Attack Song Voyage keeps getting played in our TS and as some of the audience will remember was even heard during our final game off the seasons during one off the listen ins.

Team Efficiency have made a massive statement in APAC this season just by proving that EL Gaming are mortal and can be beaten. Yet if they can make it past a tough Caren Tigers in the Semi-final match they have an opportunity not just to face and defeat EL Gaming again, but to walk away WGLAPAC Champions and top seed from the region at the Grand Finals in Moscow.

Be sure to follow Team Efficiency at twitter @Team_Efficiency and tune in to , on April 8-9 from 14:00 GMT+8 for the WGLAPAC Finals from EcoARK, Taipei for all the action!

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