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WGL Grand Finals 2017 Statistics

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Hello everyone,

eSports Charts published detailed statistics about WGL Grand Finals. We can now clearly understand why Wargaming wants to hold the finals in Moscow, 161,967 viewers were the peak on the Russian stream, making 16,169 watching the English stream look like a drop in the ocean.

Most popular match was the final, where Tornado defeated Ding 7-2, with 178,339 viewers. While these numbers are impressive, they still are very small compared to 3,662,000 viewers on Dota – The Manila Masters, or 13,600,000 viewers from League of Legends 2017 Mid-Season Invitational.

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  1. Hmm. What game numbers don’t suck against LoL?

    Why not compare WoT numbers against another esport game that features tanks?

  2. Unless you’re trying to point out that LoL is more popular than WoT in which case… duh.

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