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WGFest 2019 Developers Q&A Digest

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World of Tanks Developers announced quite a few new things this year at WG Fest. Some are new information, other not so much, either way here’s a resume of all the important information shared.

  • New Minigames will come next week to Tank Festival, to help players complete all the dog tag collections.
  • Wargaming will bring their own version of RTX, made so it can be available to all players. This will allow players to have new quality shadows without the ultra-expensive GPU’s. EnCore will be updated soon and players will be able to download it to test the new improved graphics.
  • Premium shells rework was successful during the Sandbox stage, with over 80% of players liking the changes. A third iteration will be launched soon to test changes to the HE shells. Also, no more invitation needed, Sandbox will be open to all players.
  • Doube Barrel Mechanics and New Branch: A new branch of Soviet vehicles will be added to the game soon (Harkonnen: I’ve heard possibly during Xmas update, but might change) with dual barrel tanks, also called twin-barrel. Supertest will receive the new tanks very soon to perform tests. Players can fire both guns at the same time or fire them individually like Italian autoreloaders. The main difference is, that both shells have the same reload time, and if both guns are fired at the same time, it requires a charge up time before you can do that again. This should reduce the DPM, but allow a burst of damage.
  • Steel Hunter was well received and it will come back next year. Some changes will be introduced. (Harkonnen: I know Wargaming wants to intercalate Frontline with Steel Hunter during 2020 season).
  • Halloween 2019: A brand new event is coming, with a new map and enhanced AI. Homefront bots were a test to the new AI awareness and it was well-received. Silent Hill director participated in the development of this year Halloween event. The new boss will be invincible and can’t be killed (Harkonnen: Strange for a fun mode?).
  • Rewards for old players: Also known as Service Rewards, is coming back and it will continue. The longer the player has been in the game, the more rewards they will get. The T-50-2 was just the first one. Rewards will be announced in a few months.
  • Anonymizer: Players will be able to hide their stats/name. Not even XVM will be able to get information, as the anonymizer hides the player ID. Wargaming also suggested that other players shouldn’t be able to tell if a player is using anonymizer.
  • There is no current plan for Tier IX Premium vehicles, but it might happen in a far future.
  • Wargaming is focusing on bringing new mechanics to the game, so we might see a few new branches added soon, rather than focusing on Nation that would just bring ‘more of the same’.
  • Matchmaker: Templates work and fixed the Tier VIII vs Tier X issue. WG is now working on changes for where special events might affect  MM  and the next step will be to fix SPG per battle. Fewer battles with three SPG per team and more with two or less.
  • PvE modes are currently being developed and will be coming to the game. (Harkonnen: I’ve announced this last year, where I knew WG was working on several new PvE modes. Halloween event, Homefront, etc, have all been tests for the PvE.)
  • Type 5 changes have worked, now both guns are in similar capability levels. The FV4005 changes have made the tank playstyle different, without compromising the damage so much. The STB changes worked quite well and the tank is very good now.
  • Object 430U changes were cancelled because they didn’t show any promising results. WG doesn’t want to overnerf the tank to avoid the usual nerf-buff-nerf cycle.
  • No plans at all to change RNG from 25%.
  • After shell rebalance, SPG changes might come(Harkonnen: I’ve been told there are quite big changes planned).
  • French armoured cars aren’t planned to be changed any time soon. They are under constant monitoring but are quite comparable to other nations light tanks. If needed, changes will be introduced in due time.
  • British light tanks were designed to be played in a particular way, and seem to be performing well. (Harkonnen: I think the ‘particular way’ was for them to suck, but OK).

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15,466 thoughts on “WGFest 2019 Developers Q&A Digest

  1. The answers to the questions are bull****, STB is worse than it was, French armored cars are ruining general gameplay due there OP nature,British light tanks performing well, do me a favor they are rubbish, FV0005 is totally unplayable now, double barreled guns on tanks are an absolutely ridiculous concept. Apart from all that WG obviously have there finger on the pulse regarding there game.

  2. WG isn’t doing anything other developers aren’t: basing their arguments on the numbers they see on the data. They have been proven that is wrong, but they keep doing it. About the dual-barrel, I think it might destroy even further the game. Players asking for that were a minority, and while I can see how “fun” the could be, I don’t think they will bring anything positive. Why bring such a feature when we have been told that multi-turret would ruing the game because it was two or more guns firing? lol

    French Armoured Cars: uter garbage to the game. Unless they get changed or new ones are introduced to counter the current ones, I don’t see anything positive about them.

  3. So where was the E100 rebalance thing that WG mention. Im still waiting but it look like it gonna come in Xmas?

  4. It was delayed to see how the E100, IS-4, etc, will be affected by the shell rework. So, if still coming, it won’t be any time soon.

  5. personaly i know people whine about spg’s and how they used to 1 shot tanks etc…. but it makes them imposable now to play let alone try and get a mastery gun on a spg … the splash doesnt do enough damage.. to afect the amount of time u have to wait to reload only to do a avg of 400 damage ( 30+ sec reload on teris higher then 8) yet u have teir 10 tanks that do more then this in a 7 sec reload…. where is the justafaction in this….. spg players …. would say we hit easy targets that are in the open to hit… yet only u listen to the better players that complain because they where stupid enough to be in the open….. atleast rebalance it back to the way it was ….. its bad enough to wait for a long reload but to do 400 damage and even less to a teir 10 tank from the front on/splash damge i hit a maus front on and did 38 damage ( normal shell) on the old balace that would have been atleast 700… but spg are dumb players in wargaming … scum etc… yet when players need help who do they need for help …. a sgp that cant do anything anymore …………
    start listening to the players that play the game and not the pros that think that by being better then everyone else u listen to them more …. there are more of us then them

  6. I don’t think its a matter of “being better or worse”. If you look at skill, a skilled person at any task knows more about that task that a non-skilled one, so if a skilled person gives feedback to improve a certain task, the chances of that person being correct are much higher than from anyone who doesn’t have the required skill. In regards to SPG rebalance, it’s more about “hate” for being hit without being able to return the damage. There are no consequences for an SPG that is camping in a corner of the map, clicks a button and hits that one tank that decided to go to the open because 1- the map is open or 2- had to go so he can shoot others. Previously the damage was insane, you would get punished hard to try to push any position. Now, its the stun, you get punished so hard with stun, that you can’t really decide to push the position.

    My opinion, and believe others will have the same, is that SPG doesn’t really fit the game, that’s the reason why so many ask for it to be removed. Now, there is, of course, people who hate it so much that say **** they shouldn’t, call players who play SPG “cancer”, etc. That is wrong, and nothing justifies the at***ude. It’s a complex issue and to be honest, it will never have a solution, because someone will always be against any kind of changes done. Its the same with MM, it’s a lot better now in my opinion, but players still moan about it…

  7. I mean the STB-1 is amazing now and the British lights are actually pretty good since players seem to be doing as well in them as they do in other light tanks of those tiers… so…I mean youre free to be wrong… but you are wrong about a couple of things.

    (And also cry me a river about the FV4005. Its a tank that never should have been put in the game in the first place).

  8. Any plans on buffing the rest of the Japanese medium tanks ????
    Tier 3 to tier 7
    All of em are under powered chi RI is one of them, large bulky and slow, there are articles supporting it’s deserve buffing and the gun it uses as a top gun is a single tray variant of the belt fed 7,5cm gun, I wish WG buff the rest of the Japanese medium tanks, if you can, please be my courier and send my question about this.

  9. I ***ume the British lights were acceptable as p***ive scouts, which to be honest, that meta is gone. And the Object 430U is overpowered, there is no over nerffing an overpowered tank, unless it’s Soviet. Wait…

  10. honestly I think you’re wrong.

    The STB-1 feels awesome and way better than the previous version

    FWV aren’t as bad as many claim. Yes they are annoying but so are other tanks as well. Yes sometimes you don’t deal damage to them but most of the time they will be penetrated.

    The British light tanks are more scouts than damage dealing light tanks. I think they’re still too new to see if they are too weak (and better weak than another OP line).

    The FV still has its monstrous gun and you should agree that it was over performing before the nerf.

    Are double barrel tanks ridiculous? Yes but so are many concepts from todays point of view and afaik quite some nations experimented with this idea. T-35, T-100, Neubaufahrzeug etc. So far it looks like a concept of a two shot autoloader.

  11. if you hate RNG then theres War thunder for you, too hard to play? well i mean thats what you wanted.

  12. why do they keep on improving and buffing and nerfing the tanks? and now a double barrel? wouldnt it be better if they put an actual crew on the tanks? a commander that pops out in a turreted tank, only to hide when spotted or when firing. man, i should apply to WG!

  13. FV4005 is hardly a problematic tank because it has a large profile, meh mobility, long reload, and HE from almost any vehicle can pen that turret.

    If you really want something to complain about just wait until WG has ****ed the game balance enough to validate them adding the IS7a(IS7 with autoloader), T58 Heavy(155mm autoloader), or the FV4005 Stage 1(183mm 3 shot autoloader)

  14. Only conceivable way to buff the E100 is to get rid of that fake turret their concept artists made up and give it the Maus turret.

    I’d link a picture of the E100 blueprint to show this but your damned anti spam system hates links.

  15. Wheeled cars are obviously super ****ing broken. Wargaming is taking a giant **** on everyone while religiously thumping a terrible interpretation of statistics, all the while totally ignoring statistics about the huge number of light tanks that are globally underperforming or…the 430fu.

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