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WG Fest 2017: 23rd of December in Moscow

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It’s with no surprise Wargaming announced their second edition of Wargaming Fest will be held in Moscow. What is a surprise this year, it’s the date: 23rd of December 2017!

WGFest 2016 was held in the middle of December, this year seems Wargaming want’s to celebrate Christmas with all the players. For those interested in going, ticket prices currently have 40% discount if you buy them in between 14 and 20 of September.

For those who buy an admission and attend the event, they will receive a bunch of electronic goodies.

5 emblems WG Fest 2017 for the World of Tanks WG Fest 2017 Member for World of Tanks
Memorial flag WG Fest 2017 for World of Warships Medal “Participant WG Fest 2017” for World of Warships
WG Fest 2017 Member for World of Tanks Blitz The “WG Fest 2017 Member” Medal for Total War: ARENA
The unique skin of WG Fest Hall for Gods & Glory

I was lucky enough to be invited last year and I can confirm it’s a unique event, massive and with loads of things to do. Last year Wargaming announced all that it was upcoming for 2017 and their plans for the year, will they do the same this year? We will have to wait to see.