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WG Fest 2016 – World of Tanks: What is coming in 2017

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Hello everyone,

As I have told before and you have seen it, there is a lot of information going around about what it has been announced by Wargaming during WG Fest 2016. I’ll be going into more detail later, but I’ll be quickly sharing with you guys what we got presented in the Developer Panel:

  • Changes to Type 4 and Type 5 Japanese Heavy Tanks
  • Changes (increased speed) to T28 and T95 American Tank Destroyers
  • Introduction of Tier VIII Premium S22 STRV S-1 Tank Destroyer
  • Introduction of Tier VIII Premium Object 252 Heavy Tank
  • Introduction of Tank Ace Tanks, Tiger VI Carius will be the first one.
  • New German Heavy Tank Branch, with VK 100.01 (P) at Tier VIII, Mauschen at Tier IX and VK 72.01 at Tier X.
    • Clan War Players will be compensated because they had to fight to get their VK 72.01. More details soon.
  • Complete change to the Match Making System, that includes:
    • Introduction of SPG limit to 3 per team
    • Change Light Tanks MM to +2/-2
    • More balanced teams by Tank Class
  • Introduction of Tier IX and X Light Tanks
  • New Game Engine Update or also wrongly called HD Maps. This will bring more detailed maps, plus new physics for objects. The last engine update allowed Wargaming to start working on new game effects, explosion effects, water effects and further changes to physics. I say its wrongly called HD Maps, because it actually involves a lot more than just better graphics on maps.

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15,466 thoughts on “WG Fest 2016 – World of Tanks: What is coming in 2017

  1. If that was true, they’d literally have nothing left to release – they just released 20 new tanks, they will slowly be running out of tanks to convert to HD (only some 115 tanks left)…

    After their acquiring of few new program ***ets, they will probably look this way, like they did with sound.

  2. The “map” could be tested at WGFest. It’s actually ready for release, they just need more maps finished to these new standards.

  3. I would love to believe this but WG has proven a couple of times that you can’t trust them in this way…

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