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WG Fest 2016 – Developer Panels

2 min read

Hello everyone,

I know a lot of information has been shared around before I had time to share anything with you guys. As you know, I was Live on my Facebook page recording the Developer Panels, but at the middle of the World of Tanks panel, I run out of battery.

Instead of sharing my videos, I’ll be sharing here the official Wargaming videos of each Developer Panel in English, basically the same information that for some reason is being shared from Russian sources, is easily available in English, so why complicate?

About World of Tanks, I had a very long conversation with Thaine Lyman, World of Tanks Product Director and I got a very long article to write and loads of exclusive information for you guys, but I’ll most probably will only be sharing it later this week.

Please do not freak out over some of the World of Tanks information, there is a few bits in there that weren’t very well explained and I got everything double checked with Thaine Lyman.

World of Tanks Developer Panel – WG Fest 2016

World of Warships Developer Panel – WG Fest 2016

World of Tanks Blitz Developer Panel – WG Fest 2016

Total War Arena Developer Panel – WG Fest 2016