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Weekend Special (NA): St. Patrick’s Day!

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The holy day of St. Patrick is here once again, and with it comes a plethora of discounts for everyone, just this weekend! May you have a very green weekend and we hope the luck of the Irish will be with you!

St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

SPECIALS BEGIN: Saturday, March 14, 04:20 PT | 06:20 CT | 07:20 ET
SPECIALS END: Wednesday, March 18, 04:20 PT | 06:20 CT | 07:20 ET

 XP for the First Win Each Day

Consumables: 50%Credit Discount
Customization: 50%Gold Discount

1 thought on “Weekend Special (NA): St. Patrick’s Day!

  1. again with the Cromwell and the St. Patrick’s day? Hint: Just google Oliver Cromwell and Ireland to find out how “genocidey” things got between those two in the 17th century.
    What’s next? Pics of Japanese tanks for the South Korean Independence Day celebration? 😉

    disclaimer: just pointing out the obvious. I am neither overly politically correct nor emotionally attached to any of the parties mentioned above :D. But maybe use WOT NA’s FV4202 picture instead 😉

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