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Weekend Special (EU): Train Your Crews

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An exciting new line of vehicles has joined World of Tanks. Low- and mid-tier discounts for Czechoslovakian tanks will speed up your progress through the line, but are your crews ready to take command of the Czechoslovakian heavy tanks yet?

We’ve put together a special full of attractive discounts, including a better conversion rate of Free XP for Crew XPx4 XP for every first win of the day, and an easy mission for twice the Crew XP. This will turn your team of new recruits into hardened Czechoslovakian tank experts in no time! But, of course, the special applies to any crew in the game and can also be used to prepare a long-standing band of brothers for the new opponents.

Better Free XP to Crew XP Conversion Rate

The more battles you play, the more XP your crew members collect to master a tank class or acquire new skills and perks. However, Free XP can also be converted to boost your crew to the next level. Make good use of this special and exchange 1 Free XP for 10 Crew XP (1 XP = 5 10).

Crew Discounts

Make room in your Barracks, assign beloved crew members to new duties, adjust skills and perks to perfectly match your playstyle, and even change entire specializations! Make sure you’ve got the right crew for the battle, and do it at a discount.

  • 50% off Barracks bunks
  • 50% off crew training/retraining
  • 50% off skill resets
  • 25% off crew specialization changes
  • 50% off gold on Garage slots
  • 50% off credits on consumables

Crew Is Crucial Mission


  • x2 Crew XP


  • Destroy at least 1 enemy vehicle in a battle


  • Only in Random Battles
  • Only in Tier IV–X vehicles
  • 5 times per day

Discounts for Low- and Mid-Tier Czechoslovakian Tanks

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