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Wargaming NA Frontline Stream

Hello everyone,

Just a heads up for all the NA Region readers, if you don’t have access to Sandbox and you want to know more details about the Frontline Mode, how it works, looks and plays, don’t miss out two streams today.


WOT PC Weekly with TragicLoss – 4PM PST

WOT PC with Trobsmonkey – 8PM PST

You will have the chance to learn everything you need about the newest game mode Wargaming is developing. Also, there is a Q&A on the official Sandbox Forum, if you would like me place your questions directly to the Developers, just leave any questions on the comments section.

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  1. Please ask the Devs since they are changing the SPG, when do we get Premiums in Tier 7 and 8 for WOT? Since all the other lines have them and in all the different nations as well.

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